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Apart from Blackjack, there is no other casino game that has been portrayed in pop culture so extensively as roulette. It is the synonym of gambling, with everything that fact entails. Roulette sparked two greatest roulette myths, as well as some of the greatest gambling myths in general. The reason for this could be its volatile nature, the unpredictive aspect of it, or the fact it relies on lady luck. No matter what the true reason is, roulette is here to stay and continue to amaze and puzzle many. In this path, roulette will also continue to give birth to myths. These are just few of them explained.

Roulette Does Not Allow Huge Wins

Speaking of chances to win in any casino game, we must take a look at the odds. Although odds in roulette vary depending on the type of roulette you are playing, the house edge remains significant. However, European roulette, for example, is known for the house edge of 2.70% due to a single-zero wheel.   

For bigger wins and lower house edge, consider French roulette. This variation also features a single-zero wheel, but with the addition of the “la partage” rule. It means that if the ball lands on zero, the dealer divides the even money bets in half, keeping half for the house. The other half returns to the player. This reduces the house edge to 1.35%.

Research on Big Wins

With all this in mind, roulette can often be a very lucrative game. You may browse the yt, for example, to see how roulette brought money to many of the passionate players worldwide.

Players are busting the two greatest roulette myths through their gameplay daily. And roulette continues to be among the most popular casino games.

Holding on to One Strategy is the Key

There are a few popular strategies in playing roulette. Martingale is by far the most popular one. Many players who are new to roulette, explore the strategy, the rules and stick to it passionately.

Applying the same strategy can teach you a lot of things if you are observant and eager to learn. However, sticking to one strategy usually means that you are ready to take the risks, in order to achieve a goal. In case you are not ready yet to think long term and invest larger sums of money, we advise you to stick to smaller bets and to explore different approaches.

Above all, do your homework and explore as many strategies as possible to find the one that suits your mentality. Thrills aside, only the game that you play confidently is the game well played.

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