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Every life situation that requires social interaction has a certain degree of written and unwritten rules that are in place. They are meant to help us navigate our lives and become better people. The same rules apply to poker, which is probably the most social out of all casino games. Learning those unwritten rules is meant to guarantee things go as smoothly as possible, and everyone has the best time. So, without further ado, let’s go through some of them.

Show Respect

First and foremost, even if the participants are not your friends or acquaintances, you should always pay due respect. Making temper tantrums, being rude, throwing your chips or cards, or berating the dealer is simply not acceptable behavior. Keep your cool, and everyone will consider you as such.

Don’t Waste Time

This one is a logical extension of the previous unwritten rule. The best way to show respect is to respect other people’s time. Because time is money as much as the pot you’re playing for. It’s understandable to take a few extra moments to evaluate your hand when the game changes dramatically. But not if you’re on your phone browsing social media. Focus fully on the game while it lasts, and the rest can wait until it’s time for a break.

Don’t Reveal the Cards You Folded

Refraining from revealing your cards is an integral part of poker etiquette. Uncertainty and anticipation are two of the most important aspects of poker, so try not to deny them to other players. Because when you talk about the cards you folded, you’re giving away crucial information to other players who are still in hand, and that can completely alter the course of the game. Be patient, and you’ll be able to discuss it with others after the pot is awarded.

Never Slow Roll

If you’re not familiar with the term, slow rolling means deliberately waiting to reveal your cards at a showdown. There is no good reason for it except getting on the nerves of your opponents. And while it might be justified if you’re doing it to another player who is doing the same by giving him a taste of his medicine, you can always take the high road.

Don’t Splash the Pot

Splashing the pot is a common trope in many movies. And while it usually makes for a good dramatic scene, it is a bad form in live versions of the game. It makes it hard for both the dealer and other players to count your actual bet and that fuels confusion. So, be sure to do it in a dignifying way, and you’ll earn their gratefulness.

Don’t Hit & Run

Hit & Run is rightfully one of the most despicable behaviors whether we’re speaking about road safety or poker. In poker, it refers to a player who wins a big prize and decides to immediately pull out and leave. It isn’t strictly against any community guidelines but is one of the most important unwritten rules. The reason why people consider it improper behavior is because most of the players don’t play poker exclusively as means of earning money. When you hit & run you decrease the size of the pot and kill the potential longevity of a game. So, even if you’re out for a big win try to do it in a fair manner by announcing your departure at least half an hour before you actually do.

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In the end, remember not to take things too seriously. These are unwritten rules for a reason. They are more of what one could call a “gentlemen’s agreement” to ensure everyone has a good time while playing. And if you enjoy playing poker at Mr. Yabby’s instant withdrawal casino, check some of our previous posts about the best songs about it or how playing it can improve your decision-making skills. And once you do, you’ll be more than ready to test them out on one of our versions.

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