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Most people know about pokie machines. But have you heard about Mega Ways pokies and how do they work? Pokies are recognized as the most popular casino games worldwide. It is probably because they are fairly straightforward, easy, and fun to play. Reels spin and when you have the same number or symbol in all three spots, you win a prize. But Mega Ways pokies are a special kind of games. That is why we are here to aid you with our Mega Ways pokie guide which covers everything you need to know about them.

What Are Mega Ways Pokies?

When it comes to Mega Ways pokies, they are slightly different from traditional ones. When you play standard pokies, you can win money when you reach a combination of reels. These wins have set payout depending on how much money you put into the bet.

But when you play Mega Ways, you can win through various paylines each time you roll the dice. There are no set payouts for these pokies which may confuse a lot of people when they are playing for the first time.

How Mega Ways Pokies Work?

They have a random reel modifier that can alter the number of symbols appearing on a reel each time you spin. Mega Ways engine is able to generate 100,000s of active paylines per play. It all means the chances for winning are bigger, even though you have to invest more time in playing. This type of pokies offers players games that feature higher volatility levels, and a higher level of entertainment compared to traditional and classic pokies. It means that the payouts are larger but fewer.

Have Fun Playing Mega Ways

Choosing a pokie can be an art on its own, as different games have different odds for winning. Most importantly, before you rush off the world of spinning reels, you should take some time to do your research and pick a safe online casino where you can enjoy the game in comfort. We think Yabby Casino is a perfect place for it. Winning at Mega Ways is a lot easier and more rewarding. While you only have a single way to win with the most of classic pokies, you have many more options at your disposal while playing Mega Ways. Here at Yabby we have something you could try.

For example, the closest to mega ways you can go here is with IC Wins. This pokie is set in a winter landscape with fun characters residing in the wilderness. IC Wins pokie has 6×4 reels and the amazing 4096 paylines. As you can see, the number of possible winning combinations is quite high. The more paylines you play on, the higher the chances.

IC Wins play now

You can also try the diamond shaped Vegas Lux pokie with interesting high-paying symbols as showgirl, a triple seven symbol, a triple diamond, and the high roller in a tuxedo, who is a Bradley Cooper lookalike from the movie Hangover.

Vegas Lux Play Now

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