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If you have ever watched a movie with casino scenes, the chances are, they were playing blackjack or Texas hold ’em. Badly. But, do you know which gambling scenes are always right on the money? The one with Craps! From Casino (1995) to Ocean’s 13 (2007), Craps has been a mainstay in the gambling world (fictional or otherwise). But a question might be bugging you. What is Craps? And how it is played? Well, the first one is easy. You know when they throw the dice in movies and everybody screams and shouts? Well, that’s Craps! How do you play it? We got to head below for that one.

How Do You Play Craps for Beginners?

Two dice, a board, and chips to place bets is all you need to start. Up to 20 people can play, but only one can throw the dice at the time which is why he is called the shooter. So, the aim of Craps can be summed up thusly: everyone guesses what the shooter will roll. Simple as that. In a bit more detail it sounds like this:  

At the start, the players make bets on the first dice roll, aka the ‘come-out roll‘. All the participating players must decide whether the dice will hit a 7 or 11 (the neutrals) on which they Pass Bet or  2, 3, or 12 ( the ‘craps’) on which they don’t. But, more likely the dice will hit a four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, or 10. When that happens we go into the second round of the game and the number rolled becomes the ‘Point’. The dealer places the puck on the ‘Point’ to show which number is the next target for the dice to hit. 

Now, the player can make a variety of other bets that will be explained below. And then the shooter throws the dice until he hits a seven or the point number. This ends the round of carps and the player nearest to the current shooter becomes the new shooter. And we are back to the beginning. Easy. So, let’s kick it up a notch by explaining the variety of bets you can place and their respective odds. Hopefully, after this, you will have a better answer to the “ what is Craps?” question.

How to Play Craps at The Casino and Win

Pass Line Bet

It’s zyur bread and butter be you a beginner, intermediate or expert. So, like we explained above, you have to roll either a 7 or 11 while avoiding the 2, 3, or 12. Now the house edge on this one is pretty small (1.41% per bet) and is safe for a beginner. Now after the pass line bet you can make an additional one called the free odds bet. It’s basically like doubling down in blackjack or tripling down and the house has zero edges on the bet.

Don’t Pass Bet

 Ah yes. The jam and custard to the Passes bread and butter. The yang to it’s ying. So, you’re betting against the shooter hoping he hits  2, 3, or 12 in the first round. Or a 7 in the second, After the first round you can adjust the size of your bet. Interestingly the players who place these bets are known as ‘wrong’ players among other less flattering names. Hope that slightly lower house edge (1.36%) is worth it. Best to keep a low profile or play online.

Come Bet

So this one the Ying to the passes’ – well, yang. It’s basically the same bet but only be made after the point was established (after the first round). And that’s all there is to it. Of course, the house edge is identical (1.41%). So, you hit this one to spice things up and why not we are all human.

Don’t Come Bet

You figured this out on your own, so it won’t take long. The antisocial slightly “better odds versions” of the Come Bet which you hope the shooter loses. There’s one thing that’s different and that’s that they “barred “ the 12. This is to prevent the player from gaining an advantage over the casino. So, it’s the same 1.36 % house edge that the wrong players love so much. 

Field Bet

The Field bet is the one-roll bet that can be made at any point of the game. You basically bet that the shooter will hit a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. He hits – you win, he misses – you lose, that’s all there is to it. Additionally, it has the house edge of 5.56% which is not great, not terrible.

Place Bet

So this one’s for the big boys (or girls). You choose a number from the set of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. You choose Place to Win where you hope the shooter rolls the number before he rolls a seven. Or Place to Lose when you hope that a 7 is hit before the picked number. On the edge side, the 4 or 10 are the highest (6.67%) followed by 5 and 9 (4.00%) while 6 and 8 are the lowest (1.57%).

Proposition Bet

So this is for the ones who like to live on the edge. The house edge, that is, because on some of this the house edge can be – well, big. But, the gains are on the other hand up to 30x of the original bet. So, place a bet on a specific dice roll for example, two 4’s aka “Hard Eight” (edge 9.01%). If the shooter hit’s it you get 9x (or 10x) return to your bet. 

Compare that to a 2x of the Pass Line and it’s a no brainer. Plus, you have a lot of cool-sounding bets (Snake eyes, the Yo, the Horne and so on) to pick from. Now is the time to use this newfound information and win big. Let’s see where you can play Craps.

Online Casino to Play Craps on For Real Money

Now, Craps as a game is pretty commonplace in all casinos on land or online. As mentioned before, there are certain tactics (Don’t Pass Bet) frowned upon in the live craps world. But if you are a winner you’ll do what it takes. But, doing what it takes is much easier from the comfort of your own house at an online casino. And which casino is better than the one that offers the greatest competitive edge with instant withdrawals? So, go to Yabby and win big at Craps. What is Craps? The answer is – a real good time!

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