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Can you live out of your salary and satisfy all your needs? We bet there are things that remain out of your reach even with the finest salary possible. Or maybe you should rethink your desires. If the pandemic has taught us anything at all, it is to reset the priorities. People in many industries were forced to accept new challenges and reset their lives. This is the article to explore the true meaning of work today by asking “What is the point of work today?” We also provide some suggestions, so keep on reading.

Are We Bound to Work So Much by Nature?

In short – no. While writing this text, I was inspired by two things. One is the article that appeared in the Guardian. The other is one of the darkest ideas that ever existed, which originated in the 19th century and was later widely exploited by the Nazi – work sets you free. Believe it or not, majority of the world today sadly lingers on the edge of this idea without even being aware of it.

In the above-mentioned article anthropologist James Suzman talks about the work ethic and pulls to the surface some very interesting ideas. The most intriguing part of his story for me was the mentioning of the Bushmen tribe in eastern Namibia. He said that he spent 15 years observing their way of life. One of the amazing facts from his observations is the description of the Bushmen work-life balance.

It may sound ridiculous, but the way they organized their tribe is actually something a modern society may be striving for today. Mr. Suzman stated that the food-gatherer, the most important doer in the tribe, spends only 15 hours a week hunting. The rest of the time, he rests and enjoys life. Often, the prey he brings is sufficient for his community. They divide the surpluses among themselves. Most importantly, they store very little for the future. Could this be the “living in a moment” that so many life couches propagate today? I must say that a thought regarding the time I spend “hunting” every week crossed my mind.

You see, the ancient tribes did not ask themselves what is the point of work today? They knew that the goal was to satisfy the needs. Our needs today form the part of a vicious circle we entered a long time ago.  

The Great Delusion

Before coronavirus, we were persuaded to believe that we must abide by the corporate values. Creating more work meant more income and the world would keep spinning.  Regardless of what that job may entail, it creates value, which is crucial for our sustainability. Therefore, we must work towards increasing the work volumes to become more and more independent and sustainable, right? Well, it appears this may not be true. So, what is the point of work today?

What is the point of work inside pic

If we look at the wider picture, majority of the modern world is still trapped in systems where people are working 40 hours a week (or more) for below the Australian minimum wage. Some of them are creating values that should provide for better reality, but this does not happen. Remember the darkest idea I mentioned above.

Others simply increase the work volumes doing meaningless jobs that create little to no true value. A person cannot but ask oneself how did we manage to enter the trap? Moreover, only one out of ten Western Europeans described themselves as engaged by their work, according to the 2017 Gallup research.

To sum things up – a great part of the world’s population believes it does meaningless jobs and is not paid enough, although the “spoils of hunting” are sufficient.

What is 2020 Teaching Us?

The year 2020 is apparently teaching us a lesson. We switched to working from home and the world did not collapse. On the other hand, certain industries suffered great losses, that is a fact. The bright side of it all is that nowadays the ways to create meaningful jobs online are immense. And we do believe that there are many individuals out there who will finally get a chance to create the jobs they truly enjoy doing. Plus, spend more time with the loved ones, as that is the only way to “strengthen the tribe”.

However, there is one thing that we all must do before anything else – go back to the roots for a complete mind reset.  In order to do that, we must decide on the acceptable limits to the work-life balance. In other words, ask yourself the following:

  • How much money is enough?
  • Is the job I am doing daily meaningful to me?

The Bushmen have the privilege of deciding on their own, while we must adapt to corporate rules. However, do not forget that creating a side job could be your way out. Majority of side jobs are created out of hobbies. There must be something you like doing that can be transformed into an income.  And with personal preference comes the meaning.

Monetize by Spreading the Value

If you are in an IT industry or working in any kind of online field, you already know how much you can earn freelancing. This paragraph is definitely not for you. As for many of you who have been working in various other fields and wish to find more meaning and cash doing something else, try considering the following:

  • The value you bring can be a special skill or knowledge. Share it with others and earn some money while doing it. Almost anyone has a special way of doing things – cooking, baking, making decorations, being able to connect with others in a friendly way, writing stories. Use your skills online to do a DIY videos, for example, or providing support of any kind. People are lonely today.
  • Alternatively, teach English through speaking on general topics with people from around the world.
  • Try writing of any kind. I recently found out on Business Insider that there are real estate agencies that hire writers to write descriptions of certain neighborhoods. The written guides include the information on climate in a certain area, transit, shopping and recreation sites, culture, places for entertainment, etc. – just to give you an example.
  • Use internet to promote your handcrafted work. Are you good with carpentry, massages, designing of any kind, etc? The world is your market.
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