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Poker is an art and a mind game. Some say that you can tell a lot about a person based on the way that person plays poker. It is a game that tests limits and can tell us how skillful you are, or what your self-control limits are. What is your poker playing style shows what you are made of. If you think of poker just as a form of entertainment, you may be wrong. It is a true battlefield. Therefore, make sure to craft your own playing style and do not let anyone rock your boat.

Is Poker an Aggressive Game?

In short, it is. After all, everyone’s there to win money. There is no other game where outwitting the opponent is so profitable. Naturally, this is the game that you learn steadily and cannot become the master at once. It takes time, not just to learn the technique, but to become confident in your own playing.

Once you do all of the above, consider playing aggressively. It basically comes down to making the game more dynamic. You can achieve this by betting more frequently. The advantage of this style of playing is that a player increases the chances to win by not relying solely to winning when having the best hand. Aggressive playing aims for pushing the opponent to fold the best hand, for example.

Determine Your Style

Depending on your betting and raising to calling, you are able to determine your betting pattern and afterwards – your poker playing style. In case you bet or raise twice as often as you call, we can say that you are playing it aggressively. Otherwise, if you bet or raise less often than calling the bets, your poker playing style is passive. So, go for the former.

Officially, there are a few poker playing styles that people around the world recognize. These are:

  • Tight passive: The Rock
  • Tight aggressive: The TAG
  • Loose passive: The Calling Station
  • Loose aggressive: The LAG

Remember, even the passive players are out there to win, and outsmart you. All players share the common goal. So, there are no weak opponents. Respect them all.

Respect and Vanity in Poker Playing Style

We have just mentioned respect. As in life, in poker as well it is very important not to underestimate the people you play with.

After all, their money goes into the winning pot. Should they make mistakes, the pot you win eventually fills up with their money. In a way, these people and their skills (or the lack of) are the source of your profit.

Poker table is the battlefield to show your good sides. By this, we mean that the game itself is the place to show off. Leave it up to your knowledge and skill to talk for themselves. To be vain is human, but it can blind you and cause you to make some bad choices.

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