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We are back with a brand-new post that was cooked only for you, our dear players. No one of us loves when our account gets blocked anywhere, especially not when an online casino account is in question. Luckily, that doesn’t happen at Yabby Casino often, but in case that it happens you should know what to do. So, we are bringing you a quick guide that should help you get things in order if an online casino blocks your account. Let’s check it out!

Your Account is Blocked! Don’t Panic

First of all, don’t panic! That is the basic advice for almost every problem you may have in life, and it is truly a helpful one. Let’s say that you have played your favorite games all day and, when you try to log in the next time, you cannot. Why? The casino has blocked your account! At this precise moment stay calm and look at some of the possible ways you can handle this problem. Let’s see them below!

What Are Main Casino Account Handling Issues?

We want to help you get around the things if something unpleasant crosses your way. So, there are some obvious reasons why casinos can block your account and we will check them out now.

Failed Log in Attempts

Why does this happen? Well, the players sometimes enter the wrong username or password too many times. On this occasion, the casino isn’t sure whether it’s the real owner or an unauthorized person is trying to access the account. So, pay attention to your log-ins and this won’t happen to you!

Verification Issues

Sometimes accounts can be blocked because of verification issues. What does that precisely mean? Generally speaking, that is the case when a casino requested you to send them proper documents and you haven’t. For example, in order to withdraw your fund, you need to submit a verification document. If you don’t do it, your account can be blocked.

Violation of Terms and Conditions 

To prevent this from happening, read the terms and conditions. The online casino always has them and they can vary if we are talking about special promotions or games. So, read them and pay attention to them because this small sacrifice can save you time and nerves.

Duplicate Account Detected

In most casinos, you can play with only one account. If you want to cheat a casino and open two accounts, then you risk having a problem. Casinos are able to detect this, especially through the process of withdrawal. Therefore, don’t break the rules and you won’t have a problem.

Fraudulent Activity/ Fraudulent Information Given

Once more, if you don’t give the right information or the casino detects fraudulent activity on your account, you will be blocked. That is why you should respect the rules in the casino that you choose to play.

Underage Gambling

Finally, another reason why your account may be blocked is that you are underage. There is an allowed legal age for gambling in every jurisdiction and if the casino finds out while signing up, that you are underage, you won’t be allowed to play.

Steps to Unlocking Your Casino Account

We want you to keep playing and that is why we are also bringing you steps that can help you unlock your account. In this case, it is normal to panic but try to be patient and you will solve your problem quite easily.

Step 1

Contact customer support. That is the first step to getting your problem solved. Fortunately, we at Yabby Casino have an awesome support team that will help you and give their best to resolve every issue you may have. They are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for any questions. That means you can and should contact them if you have any doubts about not only account blocking but also depositing methods or the withdrawing process.

Step 2

You have contacted customer support, but there is no answer? That cannot happen with us, but if you have been playing on another online casino and something like that happens you can always submit a complaint through the complaints service. There are various online platforms that are mediators between the casino and the player. You can check them all online.

We hope that we have helped you with this post and that you will find it useful. In the future, if you want to avoid these issues play at our Yabby Casino. All sorts of games are at your disposal so dive in and don’t look back!

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