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Regardless of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin proved to be the most resilient crypto in the market. It had its marvelous ups and equally shocking downs. However, it persevered and has already taken the world by storm. The predictions are that entire industries will soon transform to enable trading in Bitcoin. Now, you can always come to our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino to earn some money. Where can you buy a Bitcoin if you’re Australian is the topic of the day.

Official Crypto Exchanges

Major crypto exchanges, Coinbase and Binance are places where majority of crypto traders buy and sell their BTC. At Coinbase there are more than 20 cryptos to choose from and convert them to/from USD, EUR, GBP using a credit/debit card.

Binance features way more cryptocurrencies and accepts various deposit methods through third parties. 

When deciding which crypto exchange to choose, your priority should be the safety of a transaction. The first thing to look into is whether the exchange aligns with regulations and follows the guidelines. This can be a tricky thing to do. However, ask around and check the forums. Also, do not forget to check the website thoroughly. There should always be a mention of how that exchange protects the assets or how they apply the best practices in the industry. Coinbase’s site is a good example.

Binance also has a very neatly listed details at the bottom of their homepage. Make sure to check out the sections concerning privacy, terms, trading rule, etc.

ATMs, Trading Apps, Mining and Other

Australians have the advantage to be able to get their hands on (so-to-speak) Bitcoin in many ways. Nowadays, Bitcoin is available at ATMs, for example. Melbourne can boast with the highest number of BTC ATMs, as there are purportedly 21 of those at the following points:

  • Melbourne Central
  • Pran Central Shopping Centre
  • Freo’s Finest
  • Chirnside Park Shopping Centre
  • Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre
  • BTM International South Yarra
  • Highpoint Shopping Centre

You should also ask around about the BTC ATMs in your town/city. Bitcoin or its fraction can also be bought through trading Apps, such as Binance Trading App, for example. They reportedly attracted the great number of users because of the low trading fees and 50% trading discounts. It is up to you to check them out and decide.

Tab Trader is also one of the popular crypto trading apps with approximately 400,000 users. There are many more trading apps available and we advise you to do your research. The thing to remember is that it is an advantage if an app does not access your funds. This is important for security reasons. Your API keys should be encrypted and thus protected. If the app is reliable, it is a good place to buy a Bitcoin.

You can also get your BTC through mining, which should require some initial significant investment in the gear and learning what mining is and how it functions.

Remember that Yabby is a bet safe place that accepts cryptos. You can also get your payouts very fast, without any hassle. Try it out!

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