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How many times have you downloaded an app or signed up for a website and found a massive list of terms and conditions? In most cases, you’ve clicked “I agree” without even reading them. We all do that. Some research studies have shown that only 3% of people actually read terms and conditions when marking the “I agree” box. This of course doesn’t come up as a surprise since it takes an eternity to read all that. But when playing in online casino this is very important because by signing up you accept the casino policy. That said, before becoming a registered member or claiming a promotion you should always read casino terms and conditions because you can miss out on something important. Let’s see what.

Why Are Casino Terms and Conditions Important?

If you skip the 3-page terms and conditions page on a food recipe blog that would probably be okay. But there are certain industries where T&C are more important and sometimes skipping them can get you in trouble.

Freebies are great for sure, but sometimes they come with several requirements you need to fulfill before getting them. If you didn’t take the time to read the terms and conditions before playing, there’s a chance we can’t pay you out. To avoid that, you just have to check them before you act.

Experienced players usually ignore them because they feel like they “know the game”. But knowing the game and having skills has nothing to do with the rules of certain promotions and casinos.

How to Read Casino Terms and Conditions?

Online gambling’s terms and conditions need a more profound understanding than simply guessing what’s said. So, here are some general things to look for that can save you time and get you all the information you need before you start playing.

What Should You Always Check?

  1. Wagering requirements
  2. Maximum winnings & maximum bets
  3. Which games are covered by promo?
  4. Deposit requirements
  5. Promo duration

Why Casinos Must Be Transparent in the T&C?

Casinos know that players hate reading the T&C and some of them take advantage of that fact. They don’t expose enough information about promotions, and if you neglect them, you won’t ever know about them. However, in the T&C, casinos must be transparent. We know that sometimes it is hard to understand lengthy paragraphs that are in most cases not even important to you. Here at crypto casino Yabby, we strive to be as short and as clear as possible. Except for concise T&C, we are always looking for a way to improve and offer all kinds of amazing deals.

On our promotions page, you can see a lot of ongoing promotions available at any moment and for each of them, there are terms & conditions. The same applies to Yabby’s tournaments. We also make sure to highlight essential T&Cs in our posts, so you can easily find this information at your chosen ETH casino Yabby.

Now that you’ve learned and understood the importance of reading T&C and that you should carefully go through them from now on. In the end, you’re playing to have fun and make some winnings. And what’s better way to do it than playing the hottest pokies? Until we greet a new one soon, take a spin on our last Halloween pokie Count Cashtacular! Come on, grab your share of Cashtacular’s stash!

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