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We know pokies are among your favorite games. And in pokies, Wilds play a special role. We could say that Wilds are one of the 2 most important symbols. Wilds in pokies and their meaning is a wide subject, and we will try to cover it as condensed as possible. The interesting fact about Wilds is that they have been an integral part of the pokies ever since their invention. Nowadays, apparently, Wilds can expand, stack, stick to, or clone, and all that with one goal – to get you more money!

Meaning of Wilds in a Pokie

Wilds are crucial to every pokie game. Wilds in pokies are the symbols that can replace all other symbols in a pokie, except the Scatter, in order to form a win. This very fact makes them powerful.

Imagine that you have to spin the reels endlessly to get the winning combination and play the game that exhausts your time and stretches it to the very limits. Pokies run on RNG (the random number generator), which means that there is a mathematical algorithm behind it. Don’t get me wrong, you would most probably hit the winning combination sooner or later. However, Wilds make it all happen much faster.

Another important advantage of Wilds in pokies is that these symbols can multiply your winnings. The way they do it is by increasing the total value of the combination. One pokie can have one or several Wilds.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds are those Wilds that “stick around” for some time. You can see them on the screen during several rounds. Their impact as psychological as much as practical.

Sticky Wilds will eventually launch one of them to appear on the reels, to form the winning combo. Their presence assures the player that the Wilds are there, waiting for the perfect moment.

Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds are one of the most beautiful sights in pokies. Wilds expand when a player hits a Wild symbol on reels. Or, if a player as stacked Wilds.

What they do is turn every symbol on the reels into a Wild, creating several lucrative wins. These types of wins stretch over several paylines.

Expanding Wilds appear randomly, although in some pokies they usually appear on certain reels.  

Stacked Wilds

The entire point of having Stack Wilds is for the payline to pass through them. Stacked Wilds usually go hand in hand with Expanding Wilds.

As their name suggests, Stacked Wilds form a stack. They actually pile up one across another and for a stack either vertically or horizontally.

Trailing Wilds

Trailing Wilds are the Wilds that clone themselves. These Wilds leave a “trail” after a spin. More precisely, they leave a clone of themselves after the spin. The original Wild stays on its position, and the clone slides down by one position on the reel.

Trailing Wilds usually appear in bonus rounds and can repeat until the last position on the reel shows the Wild symbol. Need we say that this boosts your chances of winning some serious cash?

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