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If you haven’t become the Litecoin fan by now, we bet you will become one after reading this text. Withdrawals in Litecoin are the best part of playing with LTC. For the past two weeks we have been writing about Litecoin and its advantages. You must have learned that depositing in Litecoin gives you faster access to our games. It also enables you to ask for withdrawals in Litecoin. The benefits of LTC withdrawals and how to get to them is the topic of this article.

Withdrawals in Litecoin and Their Advantages

Litecoin is an interesting crypto currency which conquered the market years ago. However, it seems it has always been in a shadow of its much more popular rival – Bitcoin. Actually, Bitcoin was the first crypto which established its wide adoption. Many consider it to be the synonym for crypto currency. The reasons are many, famous endorsements among other reasons as well.

Nevertheless, as still water runs deep, Litecoin has waited and took its throne. Actually, it has always been fast and affordable. However, apparently Litecoin was frequently overlooked. The time has come to adopt its use in a wider sense when online gaming is concerned.

Withdrawals in Litecoin are super-fast.  If you are accustomed to Bitcoin and its fast payouts, you may be surprised to learn that LTC provides 4 times faster withdrawals. This means having the money in your wallet four times faster. We know we are already fast enough. So, with LTC, we are breaking the limits.

Moreover, the fees with Litecoin are lower than with possibly any other currency. If you are smart in choosing the right wallet, you will barely notice the transaction fees.

How to Withdraw in Litecoin?

Withdrawals in Litecoin could be the goal of any gaming session. The first thing you should know is that only if you deposit in LTC, you would be able to ask for Litecoin withdrawals. For more details on Litecoin depositing, please refer to the post How to Deposit in Litecoin where we explained the process in detail. It should take you less than a minute.

After you make your big win using some of our promotional coupon codes with big bonuses and other generous rules, you can ask for the instant withdrawal of winnings in LTC.

The process is simple:

  • Go to Cashier
  • Click “Withdraw”
  • Enter desired amount
  • Choose “Litecoin Method”
  • Enter your Cryptoaddress
  • Click “Request Payout”
  • Inform our support staff.

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