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Instant BITCOIN Withdrawal

Withdrawal Methods

Advantages of using Bitcoin in Casino

Discover the Speed and Accessibility of Bitcoin Withdrawals

Bitcoin, the world's leading cryptocurrency, offers an unrivaled way to access your winnings with speed and simplicity. But what makes Bitcoin the preferred choice for withdrawals?

Effortless Accessibility

Bitcoin withdrawals are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that they're available to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrencies

Instant Funds Transfer

The standout feature of Bitcoin withdrawals is their immediacy. Once you request a Bitcoin withdrawal, your funds will be swiftly dispatched, reducing the time you need to wait to enjoy your winnings.

How It Works

Let's break down the steps required to initiate a Bitcoin withdrawal and make the most of this efficient process.

  1. request a Bitcoin Withdrawal and
  2. contact our friendly Customer Service team (very important!).

To experience the joys of Instant Bitcoin Payouts, please:

  1. click the "Cashier" button in the Casino Lobby (Menu button if you are using Mobile),
  2. click the "Withdraw" tab,
  3. enter your desired payout amount,
  4. choose the Bitcoin method,
  5. enter your wallet’s receiving cryptoaddress (please double check for any typos!)
  6. click “Request Payout”.

Once all of this is done, don’t forget to contact our friendly Customer Service team (Telephone, Live Chat or email) and enjoy the bitcoin which should already be in your account by now. We are that quick!

Bitcoin withdrawals can only be processed if your last deposit was made using Cryptocurrency (bitcoin or altcoins) or Credit Card methods.

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Payment Methods

Payment Methods BTC,ETH,LTC

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