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Poker is one of the most popular games. Every human being on the planet has heard of it and played it at least once. Pop culture is extremely influenced by poker, and it is the subject of many famous movies, songs, and music videos. Moreover, numerous books are inspired by this topic.

With all that in mind, every poker player in the world wants to improve their poker play. You all want to hear a few tips and learn some hacks on how to improve your game and win the next poker tournament. Because of that, we wanted to give you some tricks to help you enhance your game. Stay with us and learn 12 poker hacks only the pros know!

1. It’s Natural to Lose Part of the Time

At the very beginning, we have a spoiler alert for you. Everybody loses sometimes and you will also! It’s okay to be afraid of loss, it happens to everybody. Wheels of fortune turn around! Sometimes you will experience a fluke, but on other occasions, you will face some losses.

The key is to be prepared for the losses and to overcome them. You mustn’t be a quitter! The main difference between winners and losers is that winners don’t give up.

2. Don’t Get Too Attached to a Hand

The sickness that attracts most of the newbies in the poker world is – they get too attached to aces! When the dealer puts out a board that gives opponents flush and straight possibilities, a wise decision for everyone is to get out. But, players, and especially amateurs don’t have the patience to wait another 220 hands or so to win big.

Pocket access is dealt once every 220 hands approximately, so you really should make the most of them. That means that you have to be unattached to this particular hand in certain situations. It will pay off, be sure of it!

3. Only Risk What You Can Afford to Lose

Let me start with a saying: only gamble what you can afford to lose. That can be applied in life in general, but in poker precisely. We understand that players can be reckless sometimes, but if you want to make a consistent profit from playing poker you should be careful when it comes to the stakes you make.

Usually, players can drop down in stakes if they go in the losing streak, but it is important to have a bankroll prepared for these situations also. Save a part of your funds and play with them, while staying within the previously set limit!

4. Use Some Form of Tilt Control

Like everything else, poker can be emotional. If your type of character is a temperamental one, it will be harder for you to control your emotions. However, it is a very important thing when you play poker and games similar to it.

When you play poker, your emotions are not to your advantage! You must be in command of your feelings because if you are not, the chances that you will lose a lot are significantly higher. When you are losing, the best option is to step away a little bit and gain some perspective. Only after that, you will be fully capable of playing at your best level.

5. Minimize Your Leaks

Understanding your leaks and how they can be cut is the first step to becoming a great poker player. Every leak you fix will help you improve your game and minimize your potential failure. These leaks can sometimes be easily solved but in the long-term run, they can present a problem that should be dealt with.

6. Pick Your Opponents Wisely

If you are into sports, you know that athletes want to play with the very best. On the other hand, if you are a poker player, you don’t want that. You want to play with the very worst from your industry. Because you have an opportunity to choose your opponents you should pick them wisely. Play against the big ones only when you are completely ready to lose. On the other hand, if you want to earn money, choose the ones that are not playing at a high level.

7. Word is Your Bond

We need to stress out that it is incredibly important to honor your word in the poker community. The community is small and just because of that you will lose respect as a player and even opportunities to play if you are being dishonest.

8. Find a Small Edge, Then Multiply

With the breakthrough of online poker, people have figured out that they can invest little and win a lot. You can see how this works if you try our poker games. We, at the Yabby Casino, invite you to try our online poker games and to win huge prizes that we have prepared just for you!

9. Schedule 30 Minutes for Poker

Organize your day and save at least 30 minutes to play poker and enhance your game. If you do this, you can improve your gameplay as well as your strategy. You can practice from the comfort of your home! Online poker is convenient precisely for this reason. When you finish with your obligations feel free to indulge in your favorite online poker game!

10. Listen to Poker Strategy Podcasts

Learning is the key feature of every progress. The easiest and most fun way to learn new strategies when it comes to poker is through podcasts. Podcasts are a relatively new way of communication that can provide us with some useful information about various topics. When it comes to poker, we must recommend Smart Poker Study Podcast. That is a great place to hear some quality content.

11. Take Advantage of Rakeback and Bonuses

Rakeback and bonuses can be extremely useful if you know how to use them in the proper way. For you who don’t know rakeback refers to a percentage of the rake that online poker sites refund their player. This percentage varies and depends on the poker room that you are in, but you can learn how to use most of it. Bonuses and rakeback are hacks that can help you in your play, only if you choose the right casino. So, check out the games Mr. Yabby prepared for you and see what we have to offer because some special promotions are on your way!

12. Forget Bankroll Management

It’s okay to save some funds for poker precisely, but bankroll management is overestimated subject. Bankroll is a sum of your funds available for poker and that is okay, yet you don’t have to get so deep into the subject. You should just be careful with the bets you make, without making things so formal and disciplined and everything is going to develop in your best interest.

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