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Mexico edition part 2

Last time on slot myth. We fought with the eagle warriors and saw a whole civilization get wiped out by guns, germs and steel. Then we flew with the luchadores, smashed some myths and by the end found ourselves in Japan? Now we head for the Andes to chill with lamas only to finish this with a big undead siesta! Ready. Let’s go!

Spirit of the Inca Slot Myth

Guys, I am going to be straight with you. There are some mix ups here. The Incas lived mostly in today’s Peru and by the end of their run expanded over the whole west coast. South American west coast. The Incas didn’t come anywhere near obsidian (volcanic glass) weapons. But the Aztecs had obsidian for days. They rocked the sharded blade/club combo, called Macuahuitl. One slot myth down.

Another thing that irks me is the scroll symbol. Ehm, the Incas didn’t have a writing system. They instead used Quipu which is a system of communication using knots on a rope. I can already hear the nerd accusation, so I’ll stop. Another slot myth down. Phew, now for the good things in this game.

The cover guy’s Atahualpa, the last Incan emperor, who like Moctezuma got his lama handed to him by smallpox. And some conquistador named Pizarro, but that’s not what’s important here. What’s important is that his great-grandpa was Pachacuti (means Earthshaker) and that his Grandpa’s name was Tupac! This isn’t a joke, this was his name, and the legend himself (RIP) was named after him.

Spirit Of The Inca Play Now

Secret Jungle and Secret Symbol Slot Myth

Now to wrap up things with Aztecs and Maya so we can finish this trip in the present day. Secret Jungle and Secret Symbol have some additional symbols worth clarifying. So, the wild in these games is a golden idol Tumi. He was used by the Inca as a knife or a shovel. A Knivel! Eh, I just can’t win, can I? I blame The Emperor’s New Groove for this. Messing up my slot myth. But, sidetracked we are getting, young one. Let’s finish this! We got the Teponaztli, a drum thing that Aztec and Maya played during sacrificial ceremonies. 

Now, do you want to know how you can become a priest (another symbol) performing these ceremonies? You just need to be 10 years old plus have an internship at some already established priesthood. And most importantly you have to go into the jungle to gather things like bats and rear bugs. Fun. Finally, the temple symbol represents Chichén Itzá the largest temple made by the Mayan people. Or maybe it was aliens, I don’t know, to the present day!

The Mariachi 5 Slot Myth

Do you remember the opening scene from the 2015 James Bond movie Spectre? Have you watched Coco? If you answered yes, you know what’s up, but for the soulless (seriously, never seen Coco?), let’s start from the beginning. In the month of August, the Aztecs celebrated the return of their ancestor’s spirit to this plane of existence. For death was not the end for the Aztecs. It was actually a new beginning, where they meet their goddess of death Micteca and had a grand old time.

Then, as we already know they all got promptly murdered by the Spanish who were all about the J.C. The Spanish wanted non of that worshipping death nonsense and repressed it where ever they could. Flash forward a couple of centuries and the two cultures intermingled and formed on the coolest mythological figure, Santa Muerte. The Catholic Church detests the skeleton dame, but the people love her, so she’s here to stay. The team at slot myth also give their seal of approval to the ghastly saint!

Mariachi 5 play now

Dimond Fiesta Skull Myth

So, Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is basically Mexican Halloween+Thanksgiving. It was first celebrated by the working-class Mexican immigrants in the US, who built altars to remember their ancestors back home. With the international success of movies like Coco and Book of Life, people from all walks of life started celebrating. So, Coco inspired the mariachi skeletons and was in turn inspired by a tradition spanning from the Aztecs to the present.

And to finish things off, let’s look at sugar skulls wild symbol in Diamond Fiesta. It’s there to remind us that death is a sweet and not a bitter affair. So, shake those maracas, snack on some tacos and pour some tequila to honour the departed less they curse us. Curse us with bad spins and slow withdrawals. Luckily, Casino Yabby and his instant withdrawals are here to help! And also, slot myth out!

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