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Progressive jackpots are probably the best part of pokies. They represent the goal of many punters and progressive jackpots especially since they grow in time with every bet. Pokies have many built-in surprises and awards. Triggering the jackpot usually brings the biggest excitement. Jackpots have changed through time, as pokies have come a long way from the original pokie machines. These are the things you should know about progressive jackpots.  

1. What Are Progressive Jackpots?

First, we should explain what progressive jackpots represent. In short, these are the prizes that originate from prize pool for a certain game. That prize pool can be limited to one casino only or linked to the same game in other casinos.

Basically, progressive jackpots consist of portions of each bet in a casino, or a network of casinos, which place into the prize pool. The more players bet, the higher the jackpot amount becomes.

Progressive jackpots usually trigger randomly, which adds to the excitement. There are jackpots which have limits in the form of a certain prize amount. It means that they will trigger once that set amount has been reached.

2. How Jackpots Are Awarded?

Winning a progressive jackpot is unpredictable. Your success in hitting the jackpot depends on a few aspects. You may be the most proficient player and still not manage to trigger it. Likewise, it is not uncommon to see newbies hit the jackpots often.  So, what it depends on?

There are several aspects here. Whether or not the jackpot will hit depends on the software and the type of the game – just to name a few. It means that the jackpot may trigger upon landing the certain symbol combination. Moreover, it may also trigger when reaching the certain prize pool amount. Alternatively, jackpots may also trigger only if you have previously met the maximum bet requirement. Therefore, before you engage in a game, make sure to read the terms carefully.

Apart from following instructions and getting to know the game, people usually say that you have higher chances of hitting the jackpot if you are playing in a busy casino. This is because the more people play and bet on a game, the prize pool fills up more quickly and it will trigger the jackpot more likely. Also, there is a widely accepted notion that jackpot trigger more often if it links to fewer machines with the same game.  

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3. What Can You Do to Win It?

This is the question to which there is no definite answer because jackpots are completely random. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to increase the chances of winning the progressive jackpot. Here are some of them:

  • Play at the bet safe casino.
  • Know the game and its requirements.
  • Playing longer boosts the chances of triggering the jackpot.
  • Do not overlook the betting limits. Placing the maximum bets is a way to qualify and get to the jackpots.
  • If there is a cap on the prize pool, make sure to play the game when jackpot amount nears the upper limit.

4. Are Progressive Jackpots Paid Instantly?

In most cases, this depends on the jackpot amount. Reliable casinos make sure to fulfil their obligations in timely manner. This means that there will be reasonable time frame for all payouts.

Speaking of bet safe casinos, Yabby Casino has clearly stated terms and conditions which, among other things, stipulate the following:

“The Casino commits to paying out progressive jackpots within reasonable period of time, in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Casino’s payment processor for the Player’s jurisdiction.”

You already know that crypto casino Yabby provides fast payouts and makes sure that you get the most reliable and proficient support.  For selection of games containing jackpots, feel free to browse our site. We can also draw your attention to some of the popular games at the moment. Check the yesterday’s text “Hot Games This Week” and choose your slot.  

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