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Have you ever found yourself sitting at the poker table and the dealer accidentally slips that hole card that provides you with just the right information to complete your winning hand? If you did, then you’re probably familiar with that guilt-inducing feeling that tries to trick you into thinking you’re doing something wrong. There are countless more examples of these type of gambling strategies that walk along the fine line of feeling wrong and being actually wrong. We’re here to present you with some of those that you totally shouldn’t feel bad about using.

Hole Carding

Well, since we already mentioned it, why not start with the hole carding. Let’s take a game of blackjack for example. The propositions of the game are such that it’s you up against the dealer. So, if you get the chance to see his hole card what kind of action do you think should follow? Point it out to him, ask him to reshuffle, or simply use that to your advantage? You haven’t done anything illegal except make use of what you’ve got. Anyway, it’s casino’s fault that the the dealer wasn’t trained enough to avoid making that kind of mistake for any reason whatsoever. That’s one of the reasons behind their rotation every so often after all.

Card Counting

While we’re on the subject of blackjack, we cannot avoid mentioning the infamous practice of card counting. From Rain Main to Hangover, it’s one of those gambling strategies that so much movie drama has developed around. If you’d base your opinion on card counting solely on them, you would think such an activity is surely illegal. And that’s what most casinos want you to think. But the only thing you rely upon is the quality of your wits and memory and thankfully that’s still a perfectly legal thing to do. At the worst, you might be asked to leave the premises in brick-and-mortar casinos, but that’s virtually impossible in online crypto casinos such as Mr. Yabby’s. We even offer tips on how to master it, so go check them out before you get back to playing.


Middling is one of those gambling strategies that can essentially be explained with the classic meme of “playing both sides so you always end up at the top”. It’s a type of betting that’s especially popular among sports bettors in the racing community. It means you bet on both sides via two different bookmakers so that you always get a winning one. It may not be a strategy that’s long-term profitable, but it ensures your losses stay minimal. But if you like having short-term returns along with the thrill of always being on the winning side, feel free not to feel bad about it.

Playing at the Sucker’s Table

Whenever I have a dilemma about whether I should continue extracting money off the sucker that refuses to call it quits on a Friday’s night poker party, I always remember that famous W. C. Fields quote that “it’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money”. There’s nothing immoral in taking your place at the table where you’re the most skilled player with the intention of earning some easy money. After all, another famous gambling quote says that “if you sit in on a poker game and don’t see a sucker all the chances are you’re the one.” You’re not forcing anyone to give up on their money willingly, although many of them are willing to do it all together just for the sake of the play.

Bonus Hunting

If you’re reading this, then you probably know all about the advantages that online casino bonuses have to offer. The casinos give them as an incentive to attract new customers and hopefully get them to stay. Whether it be in form of free spins for trying new games or no rules boosts there are quite a lot of them to choose from. At the worst they enable you to play your favorite games free of charge, and at the best you can even cash out some money without depositing a single dime. Either way, they are sure to provide you with some additional fun, so there’s absolutely no reason not to use them. Mr. Yabby’s reputation stands firm with having some of the best bonuses you can get your hands on so go check our promotions page and take whatever bonus feels right for you.


What’s important to stress before we conclude this article is that while all the above-stated gambling strategies are totally legal, the regulations may vary from one land-based casino to another. From asking you to leave to prohibiting you access to gambling at all, there are numerous inconveniences you can encounter if you try to employ them. The safest way to rid yourself of worry is by signing up at crypto accepting casino where you can practice any strategy of your liking without restraint. And if you’re lucky enough you’ll even be rewarded for it, so go ahead and do it!

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