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Hello, players and welcome to the new post at your favorite Yabby Casino! We hope you will love our next subject – gambling idioms & quotes! Nevertheless, a few idioms with a few quotes are right here on the table, so feel free to check them out. They can be useful at your next gambling gathering. Let’s start!

Best Gambling Idioms

Ace in The Hole

This one can be used outside of gambling life also. The ace in the hole symbolizes the advantage you have over others at any time. Actually, that is quite logical because the ace is a very beneficial card to hold while playing poker.

All Bets Are Off

On the other hand, this idiom is used when the conditions have changed, and the outcome is now hard to predict. That happens from time to time when you are playing casino games. To add, ‘all bets are off’ can also mean that current bets can be considered null and void.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of hearts is one of the 52 playing cards from a standard pack used for bridge and poker, with a picture of a queen, with a nominal value of 12, and with the heart’s suit. Yet, as an idiom queen of hearts signifies a woman who has gained the adoration of the public.

Bet the Farm

Bet the farm actually has its basis in real-life events. The meaning of this idiom has its roots in early 20th-century gambling parlance when gamblers used to wager their assets such as real estate to fund or to pay off gambling debts. So, it means that you are prepared to risk everything just to win the bet.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Consequently, ‘put your money where your mouth is’, refers to backing up one’s statement with a financial wager or by taking an action. Backing up is always a good idea, that is for sure.

Break the Bank

Can you imagine what would be the feeling of making a great and huge win you always wanted to make? Well, if and when that happens to be the case the right idiom you should use is – break the bank. This term actually means that you have won more money than is held by the bank.

Poker Face

Okey, poker face is actually a famous one. We have Lady Gaga song as well, but this idiom is used in everyday vocabulary on a regular basis. It refers to a face that has no expressions and you cannot figure out what that person is thinking. 

Run the Table

‘Run the table’ means to win all along the way, so you actually win a lot of money until everyone else ‘cashes out’ or is broke. That is every gambler’s dream come true!

Have an Ace Up One’s Sleeve

We are coming almost to the end of these gambling idioms. To have an ace up one’s sleeve is also one term that is used in everyday life as well. Regularly, it means that you have one more great idea or a way to win the game.

Play the Ponies

Some of you are into online casinos games, but some are also into sports or horse betting. If you decide to bet on horse racing, use the term play the ponies and you will look cool and like you very well know what you are talking about.

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Sweeten The Pot

You know how when you find your perfect type of game and you start increasing your wins? Well, that is called sweeten the pot! Particularly, this idiom is used when you are increasing your winnings while playing poker.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

And, we have come to an end. You have won and want to celebrate your victory? We have a perfect phrase for you – winner, winner, chicken dinner! So, the next time you score huge while playing some of the games at our Yabby Casino remember these words!

Best Gambling Quotes

Those were some of the top gambling idioms you could find. Let’s check out all the gambling quotes we can prepare just for you!

“Quit while you’re ahead. All the best gamblers do.”

This is just a paraphrase of the saying that it is better to leave while you are at the top of the game. We aren’t completely sure that is the case, because when you are winning huge, you should continue to spin that wheel in order to win even bigger.

“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

This saying is completely true. Every cash you win is surely sweeter than the money you earn. To add, you made a real effort to get the money, so it is not true that you haven’t worked hard to get it.

“Nobody has ever bet enough on a winning horse.”

One more saying with which we cannot agree more! In fact, if all of us would know what the best winning combination is, we will all try to play just like that. But we cannot know everything and that is why these are called games of chance!

“In gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck.”

Finally, this is true for some of the games, while not for the others. Table games demand more than just luck, they ask for focus and practice. That is why, if you want to get lucky, you need to play well!

Visit our Yabby Casino and enjoy all the games we have to offer you. We and some of the best gambling idioms & quotes are waiting for you!

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