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Do you remember the first time you have set your eyes on online slots? Or your first big win? How about that time you broke a big losing streak with a huge bet and an even bigger win? You went through a lot with slots. So, let’s go through the 6 types of slot players you’ve been or met! See if you identify!

The Newbie 1/6 types

Haha look at me, slots are easy, you just spin the lever and it spins. You are a baby and probably won’t win big any time soon. And you probably picked the newest slot or the esthetically most appealing. And from there you go two ways. If you have any luck you have picked a high RTP low volatility slot.

This will be the safest first option for preventing dumb losing streaks. The other well is the opposite. These are the wild mustangs, not everyone can have a spin on these slots. Depending on your first experience you evolve into the following players.

The Casual 2/6 types

Yeah, you are here to win but you are also here to have some fun. Ain’t nothing wrong with that my friend. You put on your headphones, you crack open a cold one and spin away. 

Until you hit your budget. While you’ve heard of RTP and volatility they aren’t on your mind 24/7. But what is this, a combo or two? This is some alone time, some “you” time. A bonus round. Yea, you would like the hit to happen more often, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you?

Le Professionnel 3/6 types

Man, to heck with your fun and R&R (rest and recuperation for you soldier) I’m in it to win it! You scout out the catalogue, you explore on the web for the missing RTP and volatility measures. You put on some war paint. And you go to war! Get in, get the money, and in 24:00 a chopper will be waiting to pick you. Either you return with the money or you don’t return at all. Do it for your squad, your country and most importantly the big wins. I wish you luck soldier and watch out for those wilds.

The Grizzled Vet 4/6 types

What day is it? How long has it been since you saw your family? It doesn’t matter. None of it matters. They can switch the RTP on their slots, just like that they pulled the rug under your pretty little feet. Everybody has a plan until they get hit by that corner wild in the bonus round.

And then you ask yourself: are these bonuses enough? Am I man enough for these bonuses!? Only time will tell… but now I must go deep in the jungle (Jungle Symbols). There, I’ll find my way.

The Just One More Spin 5/6 types

This is it. This will make me or break me. I swear on my lucky red underpants that if I win, I’ll give back to my community. Gold frog, I pray to you to give me Luck on this last spin. I don’t need 5 wishes, only one. Give me the strength of Achilles (preferably deluxe) and the wisdom of Ancient Gods! This time you win! For the family and friends, you lost along the way. Spin to win!

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The Comeback Kid 6/6 types

You went through a cleanse, you spent some time with your mates, and found your lost family. You like a few of the casino’s social media posts, but just as a joke you aren’t going back. You’re a different man now, okay. Uuu, what is this? A 7-Day Christmas promotion? Well just have a look, okay. A yeah, Big Santa is the bee’s knees drop a $20 deposit in Litecoin. Papas coming home!

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