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If you are asking this, chances are you’re pretty new here. But even the most veteran of players needs a refresher. These types of bonuses are probably the first you’ll encounter on your casino going journey. So, let’s see what is the best free online casino bonus and how do you get it?

What Is a Free Casino Bonus?

Well, in short, it’s a great marketing strategy, but to put it that way is to sell it short. And to add to this we are not talking about a single bonus here. We are talking about a whole family of bonus types just waiting to be claimed by you. So, let’s see what are some free online casino bonus types you’ll come across on your gaming journey.

Free Casino Bonus Types

Okay, so this listicle is very general and most casinos mix and match these types for two connected reasons. To stay ahead of the competition by making more interesting offers to the general player base. So, the types below are generally what you’ll come across on your gaming journey.


These bonuses are pretty self-explanatory so I am, of course, going to explain them in excruciating detail. Joking. From 200% bonuses to 4000$ ones, these bonuses come in all sorts. But the thing that unifies them all is that they’re for first-time players only. They are all pretty generous too, so newbies jump on them.

Blog Promotions

Phew, if you thought welcome bounce can be varied and imaginative then do I have a treat for you. These things are wild. From players writing imaginative game reviews to puzzle-solving, these promotions are something else. They really help the casino connect with their players, interacting with them and building a strong and fun-loving community. Finally, the best example is of course Casino Yabby with its very own Yabby’s Ocean Adventures. Check them out!

Free Spins

Who doesn’t like the good-old free spins? It’s like going into a bonus round without even hitting those pesky scatter symbols. It’s the most abundant bonuses in the casino’s arsenal, so they throw them at players like they’re going out of style.

They are usually present in every type of bonus mentioned on the list as a side dish to some other offer. Or they come as a full-blown main course, with an amazing 1001 free spins Yabby offers being a great example. Don’t like wagering? No wagering bonus! Don’t want to deposit? Casinos generally have a ton of those too. Free spins are always welcomed in my book!


Now cashback is a different breed altogether. As the name suggests after you lose you get a cashback. Easy. This is done to give the players a pick-me-up after loss and encouragement to keep going for those big wins! When you can claim cashback coupons and what per cent of the lost bet you get back, varies from casino to casino. Some casinos even offer unconditional cashback.

Free Play

A blast from the past, these bonuses were everywhere. This relic from the land-based casino was replaced with a variety of awesome deposit bonuses. This was a way for the players to figure out the machines at the land-based casinos.

So they granted the player a few free spins to get hang of the game but today this is completely unnecessary. Why? Because we have a fun mode where you can hone your skill for how long you wish before moving on to the real thing!

How To Activate Your Free Bonus

Now, this is a piece of cake! Let’s explain through an example with casino, let’s say casino Yabby. You just have to go to Casino Yabby and open up an account. Why Casino Yabby? Because of the amazing 7-day Christmas promotion, duh! But that’s not all, the 7-day promo has a partner: instant withdrawals. The winnings from the 1001 free spins you get can be withdrawn so fast. How fast? Instantly!

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