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Bad gambling habits can ruin your gaming experience without you even noticing. By nature, many people love to stick to their comfort zones not realizing this is where the problem lies. The way we do things in everyday life reflects in our gameplay. And we all make mistakes. However, when it comes to money, we should try very hard to avoid the mistakes and give our best. Follow these short guidelines to find out if there are any bad gambling habits that you should try to improve.

Being too Tensed

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Guessing the movie

The best things happen when you least expect it. Have you ever wondered why this is so true? We are used to balancing and multitasking on daily basis. We may even set our brains to be in full potential when being overwhelmed. However, this cannot last. We give our best when we feel the best. And this when the best things happen. It is as simple as that.

People come up with creative solutions usually when they are relaxed. Scientists have concluded that human brains are capable of unconscious processing, which happens when our minds are resting. This type of processing leads to the development of creative ideas, quick, easy and doable solutions.

This is the mindset that you should be aiming for when gambling. The good thing is that gaming is fun and relaxing in its essence. Therefore, if pokie is your game of choice, feel free to let your mind at ease and spin the hell out of our favorite pokie. Let the tension go out of the window with the first sound of the reels. Being tensed will do you no good in choosing the right game, the preferred RTP, variance, and setting your bankroll.

Setting the Wrong Pace

The way you play your game tells a lot about your character. If you are used to doing things rashly, you will be in trouble. What do you say to polishing that character in gaming, but in life as well?

If you were to make a life changing decision affecting yourself or someone you love, would you do it in the spur of the moment? Then, why do you make hasty decisions while playing when your money is affected? Set the right pace of the game and the appropriate bankroll.

When playing table games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. there is a game flow and you simply adjust. With pokies, setting the right dynamics is important. Adopting this habit can make your money last longer. Above all, this can give you enough time to think through and get to know the game and how it works, which is also the first step in gaining some experience.

The benefits of setting the right pace of the game are many. Try to apply this in everyday life as well and the chances are you would be more relaxed, happier, and successful.

Chasing the Losses

Chasing the losses is the worst of all bad gambling habits. Anyone can tell you that in gambling it is crucial to know when to stop. Gambling should be fun. In order to be fun, players should act responsibly.

When you chase your losses, you are basically betting more after each loss with the goal of retrieving the loss and winning even more. This risky move can be beneficial, but only as part of a certain strategy, and applied by experienced gamblers.

Decision to chase a loss usually triggers emotionally and reflects a player’s ego. Putting those basic human drives under control can be challenging. But just think about it.  Mastering this important skill can make you a better person. You will grow as a player as well.

For tips on the winning habits of successful players, check previous articles on our blog. And when you are ready to put that knowledge into practice, get some action in playing the latest pokie release IC Wins!

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