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Blockchain Australia has a new CEO and is on a mission to strengthen the ties with businesses and the government. As reported by, the new CEO is Steve Vallas, who replaced Nick Giuretto. As it was announced, the task of the new leadership will be to re-define the role of blockchain in daily lives of Australians. Additionally, to make the entire blockchain industry come together.

Blockchain Australia

You may not be aware of this, but Blockchain Australia has been operating for the last 5 years. According to their web site, they are promoting innovative technologies in service delivery across all sectors of the economy. It represents businesses that have accepted blockchain and transformed the business processes.

We wrote about blockchain before, and its advantages. Blockchain Australia has obviously recognized the need to promote more efficient ways to do business.

Blockchain Advantages

Efficiency is by far the biggest blockchain advantage. However, when we say – efficient, many people do not know what that actually means when in regards to blockchain. You may recall that we wrote about energy efficient network used in Australia. This is just one example of how blockchain can affect our lives in a positive way. Wouldn’t everyone like to have access to green energy and be able to not only use it, but produce it for further sales?

Blockchain also makes the businesses more competitive. The thing is that blockchain based businesses can provide faster and more accurate services and products. Not to mention the fact that they can provide the proof of originality of products, making your purchase safer. Or they can certify that a certain document is the original one and hasn’t been altered.

Above all, blockchain industry provides new jobs in IT sector, reducing unemployment.

Blockchain Australia’s New Mission

Getting back to the new plans of Blockchain Australia, we should mention that their goal purportedly is to make the businesses and government come together to develop the plan for broader blockchain adoption.

Nevertheless, we are still left in a bit of a dark as to what the specific steps would be. Talking about developing a sustainable plan for blockchain adoption, Vallas purportedly stated:

“This is the first [serious] interaction by the governments, both state and federal […] and just last month, [Prime Minister] Scott Morrison said blockchain is something that must be considered.”

How long do you think it will pass before we all shift our lives to blockchain? Better yet, if you are tired of pondering on serious subjects, take some time off to have fun. Head right to crypto friendly Yabby Casino and remember it is a bet safe place!

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