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Blackjack lovers, have you tried Match Play 21, also referred to as the Spanish 21? Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? RTG made their version quite a while ago, and today we are drawing your attention to this favorable version of the magnificent game of 21. It is available at our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino. Learn more about the advantages of this particular online blackjack version, as well as about the rules and specifics.

Match Play 21 Payouts

Match Play 21 is basically the flexible game that allows you to not only get to 21 but make this path profitable. It is the game that uses 8 decks of cards and where the hand pays out 3:2. Moreover, apart from the advantage of a generous RTP of 99.19% , this game has a special advantage  – special side bets where the payout can reach 40:1. Let’s take a look at the payouts of a side bets:

  • Payout 3:2 applies to holding a multi-suited hand of three 7s, multi-suited 6-7-8 or a five-card 21.
  • Payout 2:1 happens when the 21 hand consists of six cards and the three 7s (of the same suit, but not Spades) and the 6-7-8 are suited
  • Payout 3:1 is applied to a 6-7-8 sequence or three Spade 7s  
  • Payout 40:1 happens when you reach the Match Play 21 meaning you have three suited 7s while the dealer is holding a 7 of any suits.

Match Play 21 Allowed Moves

This version of blackjack has standard blackjack rules as the foundation. However, as someone has elegantly put it “Match Play 21 stretches payout odds and opportunities by using the cards you’ve already been given and making them work harder for you.

You may be wondering what this actually mean. While playing Match Play 21 players may hit, stand, split up to four hands, double after splitting a hand, or double down on hard 9s, 10s, and 11s. Make a note that you cannot re-split Aces, or re-double.  

Match Play 21 Basic Rules

Placing a bet is a good way to start. Should you win, you will be paid even money, unless you hit a blackjack and get entitled to 3:2 payout. Here are some additional basic rules:

  • You will play the game with 48-card decks not containing the 10s
  • Player 21 beats dealer 21, and player BJ beats dealer BJ,
  • You can double on your initial card once, after which you can only stand or surrender
  • You cannot Re-double
  • You can Surrender after doubling down
  • You can Surrender at any given time, receiving half of the bet back
  • When the dealer’s visible card is an ace, you can buy an insurance, allowing you to see if you have won or lost that additional bet.
  • You are allowed to split two cards of the same numeric value and keep splitting until you reach 3 hands at the same time.

Check out this variation of Blackjack and let us know your experience! And remember – Yabby Casino has one of the fastest and most safest payouts in the industry!

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