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Many players still imagine Keno as a game only played at the elderly homes. Or that there is no way to win at Keno¬†other than being extremely lucky. Let’s get it clear, that is not the case. Contrary to the popular belief, you can use your smarts and skills to win. There are some Keno tips to help you win more.

Be Familiar With Keno Basics

First you have to know that Keno is determined by the random number generator that randomly selects numbers. Also, carefully read terms of this game, as well as the Keno review. Additional keno tips are always useful, if the source is reputable.

Practice on Free Mode

Just as every other game, many online casinos offer you the chance to try it in the free mode, first. It can be a good opportunity to know more about it, as well to practice playing.

Set a Bankroll

Set a limited amount you are willing to lose while playing Keno, but make sure it is large enough to get you through a couple of rounds. You can boost this amount with some casino bonuses. At Yabby Casino you can find daily special and exclusive special, as well as an excellent bonus for the first crypto deposit.

Pick Your Lucky Number

The numbers are chosen purely randomly, so there is no such thing as the best and the worst numbers in Keno. No special keno tips to share here. Therefore, pick the ones that seem lucky to you. It could be your birth date, or your family member’s, a phone number, etc. We already wrote about lucky numbers in pokies and in life and maybe you can find yours in that post.

Accept Risks

Keno is the game of chance and you should always remember this. Therefore, there is always the possibility of winning and losing. Keno players should accept their losses along with their wins in a positive manner. Instead of losing their heads when they are on a losing streak, they should stay positive and quit playing or come back later.

Chose your lucky numbers and play Keno at crypto friendly Yabby Casino!

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