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Do you have your own small ritual when starting to play? I have a friend who crushes his fingers and scratches his left ear right before he hits the spin button. Although it seems funny, there is nothing unnatural in repetitive actions of this kind. These small acts of boosting our self-confidence provide relief. They also represent our communication with a higher force, summoning the luck to come our way. We may call this superstition or otherwise, but these rituals have been around for a long time. People everywhere have developed beliefs that certain actions, signs, objects or numbers bring them luck. Many of these are included in pokies. These are lucky numbers and symbols in pokies and in life.

Lucky Numbers

Numbers as lucky symbols are a topic of its own. For the purpose of this text, let us take a quick look at some of the major symbols among numbers. In ancient times, numbers held the secret of heavens. Ancient civilizations – the Chinese, the Egyptians and the Greeks regarded them as links between this world and the heavenly one.

For example, Chinese thought that odd numbers have the nature of a female. Therefore, they believed odd numbers to be luckier than even numbers. At the top of the pyramid there was number 1, signifying the divine unity. We cannot divide one and therefore, it stands for a symbol of a mother of duality and all subsequent numbers. One also symbolizes the winner.

Lucky Numbers Two, Three, Six, Seven and Thirteen

Number two symbolizes the unity of God and man. Hence, 2 stands for a lucky number as well – as “all good things come in pairs”.

Three symbolizes the holy trinity and is therefore lucky. Landing 3 or more Wilds in many pokies can bring you rewards and activate special features.  

We wrote about the “Lucky 6” with powerful symbol, as well as about the “Lucky 8” pokie in one of the previous posts. We invite you to check this out. And we cannot leave without mentioning the two magical numbers: 7 and 13! Seven was a lucky number even in Egyptian times, as they believed this was the number of planets. Planets were considered sacred at the time.

Lucky 8 slot

On the other hand, thirteen has been an evil number, apparently ever since the dawn of time. There are no 13th floors in many land-based casinos, for instance. Or rooms with number 13, for that matter.  However, Italians reportedly have a contrary belief that 13 is the lucky symbol. For them, 13 symbolizes the goddess of fertility and controls the lunar cycles. You can imagine how important fertility is in all of its forms. Therefore, if we should listen to the Italians, betting on 13 can brings us an abundant life and massive wins.

Lucky 4-Leaf Clover

Speaking of numbers, 4 is one of the most fascinating numbers out there. In the Western world, people consider its nature to be masculine. It is a round, all-encompassing number. Perhaps this could be the reason why it usually symbolizes faith, hope, luck, and love combined. This also refers to the four-leaf clover, which is one of the most popular lucky symbols anywhere in the world. The reason also lies in its scarcity. Namely, the estimates say that 4-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000 clovers. Therefore, the one who finds it is truly lucky.

For those of you who wish to know more, there are many religious implications to number 4, and we invite you to research on your own.  As for our bet safe and crypto friendly Casino Yabby, we suggest you check out the “Lucky 6” pokie review featuring 4-leaf clovers.

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Lucky Numbers at Yabby Casino

We at bet safe Yabby Casino, deal with numbers every day.  Most of the staff prefers number 3, 6, and 9. But, that’s just our thing. We may be referring to Tesla more than usual in these interesting times. We invite you to find your lucky number. Play with us!

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