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Lucky symbols in pokies depict powerful forces. The same as in life, symbols are believed to have energy of their own. Through history, symbolic objects have been the medium for transmitting messages in form of various types of energies. Symbolism is alive even today, although we may not be aware of it. We are surrounded by symbols. If we are lucky enough to know their meaning, we can choose the symbols to our preferences. When playing pokies, some symbols are “heavier” than others, and may bring luck to many of you. Play safely at Yabby Casino, but first inform yourself about the lucky symbols in pokies and in ancient civilizations.

Lucky Symbols, Peruvian Tumis

In case you had a chance to travel to Peru, you may have seen the Tumi knives hanging on walls of many houses, stores, etc.

According to legends, this was a ceremonial golden knife. It had a human face engraved on its handle symbolizing the mythic hero and the founder of the ancient Sican culture. The Sicans reportedly used the Tumi knife in animal sacrificing rituals.

It is still a bit unclear at what point the Tumi knife became the lucky symbol. We can guess that it happened as a result of using the knife to fight off the bad spirits, or to please the gods.  

May we suggest Spirit of the Inca” progressive jackpot pokie?

Lucky Symbols, Voodoo Doll

Many believe that a voodoo doll is misunderstood in many ways. There are references to its origins going back to old times in Haiti. However, there are also some indication that the Europeans had their own version of what we know today as a voodoo doll. Its primary use was purportedly to protect from various losses in life.

Voodoo dolls were used to prevent financial loss, or loss of a person close to us. The voodoo priestesses would do their thing to prevent a person from getting into troubles, or from being talked about – as words have strong meanings.

Nowadays, voodoo magic has another meaning. Our understanding of it transformed to a darker one. In case you still haven’t had you firsthand experience with voodoo, try our “Voodoo Magic” set in a wild forest where you will meet the High Priestess.

Lucky Symbols, an Ankh

In ancient Egypt, an Ankh was a symbol of eternal life. It was a very powerful symbol of the pharaohs.

Egyptian symbolism has been known for decades. The hieroglyphs have been deciphered.  Yet, the exact usage of many symbols still represents the puzzle.

An ankh appears in visual representations of Egyptian rulers and god. In these pictures, they usually hold an ankh pressed to someone’s lips. Now, we must remember that in Egypt, the words were of a godly nature. In that respect, we can interpret this as means of showing who is entitled to the word of God. Also, some experts in this field have offered the explanation that says an ankh is an offering of “the breath of life” which everyone needs in the afterlife.

Be it as it may, our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino features many pokies depicting ancient civilization. Have you tried playing “Cleopatra’s Gold”? There are pyramids, the Eye of the Horus, Egyptian jewels, hieroglyphic symbols and many more!

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