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It may be unusual to talk about sports here. However, as the topic concerns coronavirus as well, and the global events we are witnessing, we thought it would not be so odd to share our thoughts on the subject. Namely, Australian tennis player Sam Groth, purportedly called upon Novak Djokovic to step down as the President of  the Players’ Council, in his column for the Herald Sun.

Adria Tour Aftermath

You may have heard about Adria Tour, and its aftermath. This tournament was at the center of attention of many tennis fans and active and former players. Many had a lot to say about it after it has already been held in Belgrade, Serbia and Zadar, Croatia. Mr. Groth even wrote a column about it, reflecting Djokovic’s accountability for what happened. So, what did happen at Adria Tour?

Namely, Djokovic hosted Adria Tour with, as he explained, the wish to “get players to match fitness after the lockdown break”.  This tournament was envisioned as the promotion of tennis as well, and all the values that go with it. Adria Tour featured top tennis players, such as Djokovic, Dimitrov, Zverev, Troicki.

Unfortunately, cases of coronavirus appeared among players, even though the tournament management explained they did everything in accordance with the official guidelines at the moment:

“At all times we have strictly followed the epidemiological measures in place with the countries where the Adria Tour was organized.”

Recent Events

Would it have been a smart decision to postpone the charity events called Adria Tour? The majority of ATP tournaments scheduled for July and August have now been suspended.

There are many unknown facts regarding this virus. We have all heard that Australia is facing a new epidemic wave with 191 cases within the last 24h in Victoria only. Hence, a new lockdown. The fact is that it is difficult to predict how things would unfold. It is also a fact that all of us would need to learn how to live with this virus. In the meantime, the best we can do is follow the instructions and guidelines from the proper authorities. Personally, it seems to me this is what the Adria Tour management did.

The Backlash

Now, there is always the question of social responsibility. It is a serious matter, and as we have understood, this is what Sam Groth was calling upon. In that respect, we can agree with his plea that someone should take full responsibility for what happened. Maybe a request for Djokovic to step down as the President of the Players’ Council is a justified call. We do not know. Someone more proficient will be the judge of that.

Nevertheless, the language Mr. Groth used in his addressing to Mr. Djokovic raised some eyebrows in the tennis community and among fans as well. Moreover, the backlash seems to be directed to one person only, although it is only logical to assume that Novak Djokovic is the promoter and the face in front of the Adria Tour. The entire management usually calls the shots.

On the other hand, we searched the social media and stumbled upon some interesting exchange of views. It is fascinating how fame and success always provoke people. Apparently, if we are striving for it, the majority will do anything to get it. If we are never going to reach it, we need to direct all the frustration somewhere. Right? Think again.

Better yet, stay safe and do anything you can to protect yourselves and your families. While doing so, do not forget that Yabby Casino is a bet safe and crypto friendly place. We are here for you 24/7.

Keep playing and if you get a chance let us know your thoughts on whether you think Sam Groth has a point? 

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