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Just when we thought that we could get back to our daily routines and favorite places, the new outbreak of a coronavirus happened. The entire world is going through more or less serious measures to keep the pandemic under control. It is not a fun subject, but we need to talk about it, at least in order to help you go through this storm spiritually unharmed. Most of us need to perform daily tasks as usual. Staying pro-active during pandemic is an imperative to stay healthy, at least mentally. These are some of the tips we tried, which proved to work and deserve to be repeated every now and then.

Go Easy on Yourself

Crises come and go, but you have to live with yourself always. Therefore, what good would it do if you lose your mind. This is a global happening and the one you cannot influence much. Everything shifted. The pandemic shook our lives, our jobs and our relationships with other people.

We obviously cannot contain the virus. However, we can contain the negative thoughts and attitudes. Therefore, go easy on yourself. We know that sometimes many of you have unrealistic demands put in front of you. Some tasks you cannot complete because of the real difficulties you encounter. Others you do not really care about or find annoying, because your thoughts might be somewhere else.

You know what? It is ok. It really is. Moreover, you are not the only one. No one expected you to adapt so quickly to this crazy phenomenon. Staying pro-active can be demanding. Take it easy and go step by step. Find time to relax even if it means sacrificing time you spend with friends. This could be the time to refresh and rethink your habits and values – which brings us to our next tip.

Introduce New Habits

As you are a smart bunch of people, we believe you know how important it is to start your day in a healthy way. When we say this, we do not refer to the physical health only. It is true that practicing yoga or any kind of exercise can improve your health. The same goes for eating healthy meals. All this can also help you balance your physical and emotional life.

Nevertheless, when it comes to staying pro-active, this is not all that it takes. We think that it is equally important to start some new routines. For example:

  • Follow the official guidelines to prevent catching the virus but limit the time you spend on reading or listening to the news on this subject. Once a day for a few minutes is more than enough. It saves time, so you can invest more of it into something more productive.
  • Although spending time alone is beneficial to gather your thoughts, do not forget completely about the people who are dear to you. Personally, I like to surprise friends and family, especially the ones who live abroad, with unscheduled calls. I take the time just to let them know that I am thinking about them and that I care. People respond well to kindness. Plus, it will make you feel more cheerful and work-ready. It is no news that emotional balance, love, kindness are the best source to derive the energy from. Try it out even if you are not an open and easy-going person. You may be surprised.

Re-Schedule Your Tasks

So, you have finally got your hands on a task that needs to be done today. You had a balanced morning, a moment to yourself, and caught on all the news that you needed. What do you do now?

If you asked a professional, he or she would probably tell you to break a difficult task into smaller pieces. That way, you will have less difficulties going through all the information and steps that you need to cover. Micromanagement is important, we agree. However, what is even more important here is to plan your time.

Better yet, divide your time the same way you do with your tasks. Take regular breaks. Stretch. Make a call as described in the previous tip above. Have a tea or coffee. Stay away from unhealthy snacks. Breaks help our brains relax and boost new energy for what it is to come.

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