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It’s Monday, ladies and gents and we hope you are feeling refreshed after the Mother’s Day weekend. Hopefully, many of you participated in the recent promo offers and won some cash! Have you managed to collect your money instantly, no hassle and no stalling? Some players often confuse casino withdrawals and cashouts, especially the beginners. Allow us to take some time to distinguish the two, as well as to remind you about the RAISING300 Code which is available for claiming today!

Casino Withdrawals and Their Limits

Playing is sweet, we know. Many players have their own strategies regarding money casino withdrawals. Some play for the fun of it, others for money. Either way, it is good to know that you always have a choice whether to continue playing with the money you have accumulated, or to withdraw the funds.

Withdrawal limit is the winning amount which you can withdraw in a single or multiple transaction. All online casinos have their withdrawal limits set. Often, these limits include both amount-and-time limit as well.

All eligible players will get paid when they request a withdrawal. The only thing that casino imposes is the amount a player can withdraw on daily or weekly basis.  For example, the standard amount limit which a player can withdraw in a week at bet safe Yabby Casino is $4,000. For more details regarding casino withdrawals, make sure to read the Terms and Conditions section of our site.

Are Higher Withdrawal Limits Possible?

Higher withdrawal limits are possible if you join crypto casino Yabby’s VIP Lounge. As you will see when browsing through the VIP Program, the Rookie level withdrawal limit is $4,000. Once you claim the Pro Level, the limit increases to $5,000, from there on to $7,500 in the Star level, and beyond. It ends with the Hall of Fame level and $15,000 weekly withdrawal limit.

Our VIP Program provides a lot of other attractive benefits depending on the amounts you wager.

Withdrawal and Cashout Difference

The same as there are casino withdrawals limits, all casinos set their cashout limits for every promotion separately. Maximum cashout limit represents the amount a player can withdraw from the promotion depending on the deposited amount or the used bonus.

For example, there is a coupon RAISING300 which you can claim today. The bonus depends on the deposit. The higher the deposit, the bigger the bonus. Minimum deposit amount is $35.

Raising 300

Let us imagine that you deposit $100 for which you can get 145% bonus. Both deposit and bonus amount should be wagered 40 times, and the max cashout is set to 15x. It means that in case you deposit the $100, the amount you would be able to withdraw is 15 times the deposit, which means $1,500 less the bonus money.

As you can see, the difference between the casino withdrawals and cashouts is in the fact that the max cashout limits the amount which you can withdraw regardless of the amount you have won.

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