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Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. All Terms and Conditions stated herein, including but not limited to additional policies and regulations stand for the binding and final agreement between a Player and Yabby Casino.
    2. In order to use the Yabby Casino services and Website, the Player is obliged to acknowledge all the terms and conditions stated herein.
  2. Definitions of the most commonly used terms
    1. “Terms” references to Terms of Service.
    2. “Website” references to Yabby Casino’s website at www.yabbycasino.com
    3. “Services” references to services accessible at the Yabby Casino website.
    4. “We” or “Casino” references to Yabby Casino.
    5. “You” or “Player” references to anyone using any of the services provided by Yabby Casino.
    6. “Games” references to the casino games available at the Yabby Casino website.
    7. “Software” references to either downloadable or non-download formats of the software available at Yabby Casino for playing casino games.
  3. Compliance with Terms of Service
    1. Each player is personally responsible for understanding, agreeing and abiding by all rules and regulations stated herein.
    2. The terms stated herein can be changed or modified without prior notice, as per Yabby Casino's discretion. The Casino undertakes the obligation to post all changes on the Website in timely manner.
    3. Each player is personally responsible for regularly checking if there are any possible changes in the Terms, since these are subject to occasional modifications.
    4. All intellectual property rights of the content, including but not limited to the images, photos, animations, video, audio, music and text are property of the Yabby Casino. Any unauthorized copying, publication or redistribution of any kind, of any part of the Website or software, whether in its entirety or partially, is strictly forbidden.
    5. The Terms stated herein stand for the complete and final agreement between a Player and the Casino. In case of possible misinterpretations or doubts, these Terms will supersede any prior understandings, written or oral agreements between a Player and the Casino. No one, be it an employee of the Casino, officer or any kind of agent or anyone associated with the creating, producing, delivering the Casino games and services, may alter, modify, or waive any stipulation or provision of this agreement.
    6. The Player is considered to abide by the terms and conditions and all of its possible modifications by entering the website, opening a User Account, using the User Account, or accepting any cash-in.
    7. By accessing and using our online casino services, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:
      1. Communication Channels:
      2. The player understands and accepts that the casino reserves the right to send promotional and transactional content via various communication channels, including but not limited to SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and any other available means of communication.
      3. Consent:
      4. By participating in our online casino activities, the player gives explicit consent to receive promotional and transactional content through the aforementioned communication channels. This includes but is not limited to receiving messages, notifications, and updates related to casino promotions, account information, bonuses, and other relevant communication.
      5. Opt-Out Option:
      6. Should the player wish to discontinue receiving promotional and transactional content through any or all of the communication channels mentioned above, they may choose to opt-out. Instructions on how to unsubscribe or manage communication preferences can be found within each communication received or by contacting our customer support team.
      7. Responsibility:
      8. The player acknowledges that it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy and validity of the contact information provided to the casino. This includes maintaining up-to-date email addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant details necessary for effective communication.
      9. Frequency and Content:
      10. The player understands that the frequency and content of promotional and transactional messages may vary. The casino will strive to provide relevant information and offers tailored to the player's preferences; however, the player acknowledges that the casino cannot guarantee the availability of specific promotions or the receipt of all messages due to technical constraints or other factor.
  4. Terms of Eligibility
    1. In order to be able to use the services provided by the Casino, a player must abide by the following rules:
      1. The Player must be 18 or older.
      2. Online casino gaming and online gambling must be allowed in your resident country in order to make you eligible to play. It is up to a player to determine whether online gaming and online gambling are legal in his or her place of residence, as well as to abide by the laws in a specific jurisdiction. Otherwise, the use of the Casino services will be considered as forbidden. Please note that some local authorities have not yet resolved this issue, while others have clearly proclaimed on-line gambling illegal.
      3. Playing for real wagers is restricted in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Estonia, France, French Guyana, Guadeloupe,Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo,Montenegro, Macedonia, Martinique, Mayotte Reunion, Moldova, Myanmar, Pakistan,Romania, Serbia, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe. We apologize for any inconvenience.
      4. The Player is responsible for providing complete and accurate User Account information to the Casino.
      5. The Player is obliged to abide by the rules of the Casino.
      6. The Player is not allowed to play on behalf of any individual to whom playing at the Casino is forbidden.
      7. Any employee, or a professional who is in any way associated with the Casino, as well as the members of their immediate families are forbidden to use the services of the Casino.
    2. Should the Casino find necessary, they can limit the access to Players for any reason, as per Casino's sole discretion.
  5. User Account
    1. Opening a User Account
      1. Prior to playing and placing wagers at the Casino, a Player is required to register with the Casino and open a User Account.
      2. Each Player is allowed to have one User Account. Should the Casino establish that a Player has opened more than one User Account, the Casino reserves the right to close all Player's accounts while all possible winnings and bonuses would be considered annulled and void.
      3. Each Player is responsible for setting up the Username and Password when registering with the Casino. Furthermore, each Player is solely responsible for keeping these details confidential. Any use of the Software application through your Username and Password is a Player's sole responsibility.
      4. These terms and conditions entail that a Player should provide the Casino with true and correct information. In case a Player provides false information, the Player will be liable to the Casino for any damages and costs that may arise as a result of such actions.
      5. In order to provide fast payout, prevent fraudulent actions and secure the safety of all financial transactions, The Casino may request the proof of a Player's identity, address, copies of credit cards, an approval signed purchase history and/or other appropriate documents when withdrawing credits. Should a Player provide false documents or fail to provide any documents whatsoever in the course of the 4 weeks period, the Casino reserves the right to lock the Player's User Account and/or cancel any payout.
    2. Closing a Player's User Account
      1. The Player is free to close his or her User Account at any time. In order to do so, the Player should e-mail the [email protected] with all account details and express the wish to close the account.
      2. Once a Player makes a request to close the User Account, the Casino will refund any outstanding amount (subject to applicable deductions), in case that amount is not lower than $50. The Casino also reserves the right to decide on the method of reimbursement.
      3. After the User Account has been closed by Player's request, the Casino reserves the right to decline re-opening the User Account for up to 72 hours.
    3. Overall Rules Applicable to User Account
      1. The Player is fully responsible for making sure that his or her User Account is not accessible to a third party, including but not limited to minors, for placing wagers and participating in the Games in any way. A Player is the only party liable to any losses, costs or expenses that may appear as a result of such use of the User Account.
      2. The User Account is for personal use only. It is strictly prohibited to use the User Account for any commercial purposes. Playing with the User Account is reserved for private and non-professional purposes.
      3. A Player will also be the only party liable for taking participance or attempting to take participance in any acts that are not covered by the rules stated herein, or that go beyond the normal frames of online casino operations.
      4. The Casino is not obliged to provide the explanation for choosing to close the Player's User Account.
      5. Among the reasons that Casino may find justified to either refuse or close the Player's User Account are the following: acknowledgement of a Player cheating or attempting to cheat the Casino Software, or making false or malicious comment associated with the Casino’s operations, or illegally or unreasonably using the spirit of the promotions offered by the Casino.
      6. The Casino may at their sole discretion share the information about the cheating and fraudulent actions of a Player with the public, other casinos, banks, credit card companies and other appropriate parties. The information shared can contain the Player's identity and e-mail addresses.
  6. Deposit and Withdrawals
    1. Depositing to a Player's User Account
      1. The process of placing a bet cannot be revoked, and therefore, cannot be reimbursed. In case a Player loses the bet, he or she cannot get the stake money back.
      2. The Player understands that he or she is allowed to use only legal funds for playing at the Yabby Casino.
      3. The Player also acknowledges that the Player is allowed to use only their own credit cards when placing bets at the Casino.
      4. The Casino is allowed to refuse a Player's bet, as well as to limit and/or refuse the wager without prior notice. In all issues arising from this matter (including, but not limited to winnings) the decision of the Casino shall be prevailing.
      5. Please note that unfortunately deposit limits for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all other crypto currencies are not possible due to their nature. However, should you wish to take a break from gambling, do not hesitate to contact us as we can set your account on a break for a period you decide.
      6. Deposits in BTC that are below 0.0001 BTC are non-recoverable and will not be process to your casino account. Depositing 0.0001 BTC will result in loss of funds that are non-refundable. No top-ups on transaction are accepted even if a player decide to send more bitcoins to the same address so they meet the 0.0001 BTC margin. Each player take full responsibility to send the minimum $10 (Bitcoin equivalent) each time they use Bitcoin banking method. Casino take no responsibility if the min amount was not sent as well as reserved the right to treat all transaction below $10 as lost non-recoverable transaction.
      7. The additional bonus amount given by the casino when a player selects the suggested higher deposit amount is capped at $1000 and is subject to a wagering requirement of 1x.
      8. The maximum bonus for making a deposit through any deposit method for the first 3 transactions is capped at $1000 per transaction.
    2. Withdrawing from a Player's User Account
      1. The maximum withdrawing amount per week is set at $4000 unless otherwise imposed by the Player s VIP status. The remaining balance, if any, would be processed during the following week(s), starting with the set minimum amount and/or according to a Player's VIP status.
      2. Withdrawing amount can only be transferred to the same User Account from which the deposit was made. In cases when a deposit was placed using a credit card, it may occur that the alternative withdrawing methods would have to be used. When processing withdrawals from a free promotion, the Casino may only process them back to the last depositing method.
      3. In case a Player deposits through Bitcoin, Visa Master Card, Neosurf, crypto depositing, the Player will have the right to one instant withdrawal per Player per day.
      4. Wagering the deposit at least 1x its value is a prerequisite for withdrawing after making a bonus free deposit.
      5. The Casino is allowed to charge a fee in cases when a Player deposits and withdraws the amount without wagering at least 1x the value of the deposit. Such fee should not exceed 10% of the transaction amount. Prior to such action, the Casino should review the deposit and conclude that there are no elements or attempts of the financial system manipulation and/or money laundering.
      6. The Casino commits to paying out progressive jackpots within reasonable period of time, in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Casino's payment processor for the Player's jurisdiction and in accordance with the player's VIP level. The Casino commits to paying out the full progressive jackpot win within 2 years.
    3. The Overall Depositing and Withdrawing Rules
      1. The Player understands that all materials relating to the Casino will automatically be considered void in case a Player alters, mutilates, forges, tampers with or modifies them in any manner or attempts to do so, or cause others to do so. Consequently, all reported winnings, gaming, attempted gaming, during or following such attempts and/or modifications will automatically be considered void as well.
      2. The Player understands that any actual or attempted fraud, whether caused by the Player or on a Player's behalf, shall automatically void any real or attempted transaction in full and any alleged winnings shall also be considered void.
      3. In the interest and protection of Players, the Casino monitors the transactions and keeps them confidential. The Casino uses various anti-fraud safety devices and reserves the right to report to appropriate authorities all illegal acts or attempts to commit a criminal act.
      4. In its own interest and the interest of the financial processors, the Casino has the right to withhold payment of funds and notify the authorities and the payment processors should the Casino encounter any suspicious combination of deposit and withdrawal manipulation or money laundering activity that constitutes fraud.
  7. Terms Applied to Bonuses and Promotions
    1. Overall Bonus and Promotion Rules
      1. The Player accepts that specific bonus and promotion rules supersede Overall Bonus and Promotion Rules stated herein.
      2. The Casino will determine the identity of a Player using all or any combination of the following: Player name, mailing address, e-mail, IP address, credit-or-charge-card number, computer, telephone number or any other forms of identification that may be required and applicable.
      3. All promotions are limited to one per Player, family, IP Address, address, credit card number, and computer and shared computers (i.e. university, fraternity, school, public library or workplace), unless otherwise previously agreed with the Casino.
      4. Unless stated otherwise, a Player has the right to only one promotion at the time.
      5. The Casino reserves the right to limit the number of bonuses that may be given to a participant, in case if a multiple participation has been allowed.
      6. Unless stated otherwise, it is not allowed to combine the promotions.
      7. The Player understands that the bonus amount of deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn, as it is for wagering purposes only.
      8. The Player understands that the bonus amount cannot be treated as a deposit.
      9. The Player understands that reversing a cash-in back to a Player's casino balance cannot be treated as a deposit. Therefore, a Player is not allowed to claim a bonus on any reversed cash-in amount.
      10. The Player understands that in order to claim any coupon, free promotion, or make a new deposit, the Player needs to play through the current deposit, bonus or free promotion, and the balance on a Player's account must be below $1. Should the player have any funds on his/her Live Dealer account, the entire balance must be returned to the main account and the balance must be below $1.00 before any coupon or free promotion can be claimed or a new deposit made.
      11. The Player understands that the existing account balance cannot be used in meeting the wagering requirements, i.e. to redeem the bonuses in question.
      12. The Player understands that he or she is not allowed to withdraw the amount less than the bonus amount.
      13. The Player understands that once the Player requests a withdrawal, regardless of the number of deposits, the Casino will deduct from the Player's balance or winnings any amount up to the equivalent value of the deposit bonus. Such deduction will occur prior to the settlement.
      14. The Player understands that when the Player wagers a bonus on baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo, RTG 777 slot or live dealer, the Casino has the right to withhold any amount exceeding the Player's original deposit.
      15. The Casino will, based on the user’s Bonus to Deposits ratio, review and rank all User Accounts. The Players, once labeled as “bonus abusers” or “bonus hunters” do not qualify for any future bonuses. Bonuses are offered to players as an incentive. Any opposite interpretation and acts would be considered as abusive behavior.
      16. In terms of everything stated above, the Casino will consider as “bonus abusers” or “bonus hunters” the Players who take unfair advantage of any promotion by acting outside of Casino’s Bonuses and Promotions Terms and Conditions.
      17. While playing with any bonus, it is forbidden to engage in activities that provide the player with an obvious unfair advantage. Such activities include, but are not limited to, the following:
        Postponing Game Rounds: It is not allowed to delay playing certain game rounds, such as free spins and bonus features, until after fulfilling wagering requirements.
        Large Bets in Blackjack: Leaving substantial bets on the table in games like blackjack and returning after completing bonus wagering is considered unfair play.
        Building In-Game Value: Playing games with bonus money to accumulate in-game value, intentionally losing the bonus funds, and then cashing out the accrued value during real-money play is prohibited.
        Exploiting Software Issues: Utilizing strategies that take advantage of software bugs or failures is strictly forbidden. Any attempt to exploit technical issues for personal gain is against fair play principles.

        These rules are designed to ensure that players use bonuses in a manner consistent with fair play and prevent activities that could provide an unjust advantage. It is advisable for players to thoroughly review and understand the terms and conditions associated with bonuses to avoid violating these rules, as doing so may result in the loss of bonuses and potential account suspension.

      18. Furthermore, the Casino also reserves the right to do the following in case of abuse:
        1. Restrict the eligibility of a Player(s), or a group or category of Players to participate in promotions
        2. Refuse or cancel the bonuses due to Player abuse.
        3. Cease the Player’s membership and forbid the Player to access the Casino in the future.
        4. Modify, alter, cease or cancel a promotion at any time and for any reason without notice to players, although Casino commits to make efforts in providing such notices in advance.
      19. Liability arising from the aforementioned matters (damages from modification, alteration, discontinuance or termination of any promotion) shall be endured only by the Player(s).
      20. WELCOME BONUSES, FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES or MATCH BONUSES are accessible for claiming and withdrawing only to players from the following countries: United States, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.
      21. The same WELCOME BONUSES, FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES or MATCH BONUSES are restricted for claiming and withdrawing to players from the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Moldova, Tajikistan, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles.
      22. As for FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES, players from other countries not mentioned above need to make 1 successful deposit at the Casino in order to claim and/or make a withdrawal.
      23. The availability of certain bonuses on our platform is subject to exclusion for players accessing from Thailand, Austria, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Turkey, or Greece.
      24. Minimum Reward amount for Fortnightly Cashback is $10. Cashback Rewards for amounts lower than this limit will not be honored.
      25. Fortnightly Cashback is processed every 14th and 28th of the month.
      26. Unless otherwise stated, a Player is not allowed to play the TournamentProgressive and Live Dealer games or RTG 777 slot with casino bonuses. Should any disagreement arise, the decision of the Casino shall prevail and be considered final.
      27. Terms of the promotion are in effect until all winnings from the promotion have been withdrawn. Depositing on top of existing balance, meeting wagering requirements, withdrawing or having your balance drop below $1 will not void this rule. The terms of the promotion seize to be in effect once a new fund action (deposit or bonus) is made at the moment the playable balance is under $1.00. Please refer to term 7.1.j.
      28. All minimum deposit amounts are set in USD (United States Dollar) . Before making a deposit, it is up to a Player to check in the cashier the minimum local currency equivalent.
      29. The Player understands that he or she may claim only one free promotion between bonus-free deposits.
      30. No consecutive payouts are allowed from free promotions without making a deposit in between.
    2. New User Welcome Bonus
      1. When opening a new user account, the following terms are in effect in regards to a new user free money welcome bonus:
      2. The Player understands that he or she will not be eligible for any successive Welcome Bonuses if the Player has previously taken advantage of any Welcome Bonus. Unless otherwise stipulated by the specific Promotion rules, the Player is required to wager 40x the value of a free chip in case the Player previously received a non-deposit-based bonus (free chips).
      3. Only one free chip is credited per person, family, household address, email address, credit card number, and computer and shared computers (for example: university, fraternity, school, public library or workplace).
      4. Verification deposit is needed prior to any withdrawal been processed from the New Signup Bonus. If verification deposit is not made within 7 days from the date the New Signup Bonus has been received, all winnings and bonus amount will be removed with no prior notice.
      5. The Player understands that the Casino will clear the excess funds automatically from the User Account after the Player is paid the maximum withdrawal amount.
    3. Steps for Claiming/Redeeming a Coupon:
      1. Log into your User Account
      2. Click on CASHIER
      3. Click on REDEEM COUPON
      4. Type in the coupon code in the rectangular window and click REDEEM.
      5. Click on DEPOSIT.
      6. Your deposit and bonus will show in your User Account.
    4. Common Deposit Coupon Rules
      1. Every coupon code is time-limited to 7 days from the date redeemed, after which it expires. It is up to a Player to use the coupon code before it expires. Each coupon code is redeemed once. Each coupon becomes invalid after it has been used once.
      2. It is not allowed to apply more than one coupon code per deposit. Also, each coupon code may be applied to one deposit.
      3. Unless otherwise stipulated by the specific Promotion rules, the Player must wager the deposit plus associated bonus amount 15x (excluding baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo and live dealer games) in order to withdraw wins made on a deposit bonus.
      4. The Player understands that the Casino will clear the excess funds automatically from the User Account after the Player is paid the maximum withdrawal amount.
    5. Common Free Spin Coupon Rules
      1. Unless otherwise stipulated in the promotion, the Player may withdraw the sum of $/€/AUD50 and a maximum of $/€ 50.
      2. The Player is obliged to wager 30x the value of the free spin winnings.
      3. The Player understands that the Casino will clear the excess funds automatically from the User Account after the Player is paid the maximum withdrawal amount.
    6. Standard Cash back Bonus Rules
      1. Your User Account balance must be below $/€/AUD1 in order to claim a cash back.
      2. You may claim as many cash back promotions as you wish (unless your User Account has been excluded from participating in bonus promotions).
      3. Any balance remaining after a cash back withdrawal, will be removed.
      4. You must contact the Casino to receive your cash back.
      5. Cashbacks cannot be credited on deposits older than 7 days.
      6. You may only claim a cash back on lost bonus free deposit.
      7. Only lost deposits since last withdrawal or cash back are eligible for a cash back promotion (which ever comes last on account).
      8. Once the Player makes a withdrawal from the previously received cash back or any other free promotion, the withdrawn amount, in future deposits, will be ineligible for a new cashback. In order for the Account to become eligible for a new cash back, the Player needs to cover the amount of the said withdrawal with lost deposits.
      9. Deposits used to wager on restricted games (RTG 777 slot, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo or live dealer) are not eligible for a cashback.
      10. Should you wager any amount on Blackjack or any 21 games, your cash back is halved.
      11. Any amount used from a bonus free deposit to enter a tournament (Buy-in, Add-on or Re-Buy) will be subsequently deducted from qualifying amount for cashback.
      12. Should you transfer your funds to Live Dealer games, you are not eligible for any cashback promotion, regardless of if you have played Live Dealer games or not.
    7. Sequenced Promotion Rules
      1. The Player understands that sequence deposit coupons need to be redeemed in the exact order as stated in the promotion. It is not allowed to skip any sequenced deposit coupon. If this happens, all winnings made as a result from playing on that bonus will be considered void.
      2. All other Overall Bonus and Promotion Rules apply.
    8. Standard Comp Point Terms
      1. Comp Points can be exchanged for Real Money at a ratio of 100 Comp Points to $/€ 1.
      2. To successfully redeem Comp Points, you must have a minimum of 100 points accumulated.
      3. You are not allowed to Redeem Comp Points while your playable balance is above $/€ 1.
      4. You are not allowed to Redeem Comp Points while you have a Pending Withdrawal.
      5. You are not allowed to combine Redeemed Comp Points with other Deposit / Coupon balances.
      6. Maximum Cashout for Redeemed Comp Points is set at 25x the Redeemed Amount.
      7. Please note that you can redeem up to $20.00/2000 comp points daily unless otherwise stated.
    9. Bonus Excluded Players
      1. The Casino's system will automatically block any attempts by excluded Players to participate in promotions or receive money bonuses.
      2. In the event that a player engages in cheating or attempts to manipulate the system, the following rule shall be enforced: The player involved will face immediate account suspension and forfeiture of all bonuses, winnings, and privileges associated with their account. Cheating includes but is not limited to the use of prohibited software, collusion with other players, exploitation of technical vulnerabilities, or any other activity aimed at gaining unfair advantage over the casino or other players. The casino reserves the right to take necessary measures to maintain fairness and integrity within its operations.
    10. Bonus Complicity
      1. The player understand that it is forbidden to complicit or attempt to complicit/collude, as well as to attempt participating directly or indirectly in a collusion scheme which involves the sharing of winnings between selected players, sharing of funds, or working together toward mutual goal while benefiting from multiple acquisition incentive offers, causing damage to other players who are not involved in the colluding party. The Player agrees to inform the casino through one of the means necessary if suspecting a player to be colluding or planning to collude with other players. The Player also agrees not to form part of a syndicate or group that engages in advantage play strategies.
      2. The Player understands that the Casino reserves the right to suspend the User Account pending investigation in case the Casino finds reasonable grounds for suspecting that a Player has been involved in any kind of complicity, syndication or fraud during the use of the casino platform, website and/or systems. Furthermore, the Casino also reserves the right to withhold the full or part of the Player’s account balance, as well as to close the User Account permanently, and to collect from that account the amount of any winnings, pay-outs or bonuses which have been affected by any of the following activities or situations:
      3. Complicity or Collusion: The joint effort of two or more individuals to gain an unfair advantage over the software and other players by pooling of funds in order to achieve unnatural increase of available bankroll through multiple bonus awards (similarly to multi-accounting) in order to benefit/take advantage from game engine design.
      4. The motifs of the complicity in a casino are increasing the total number of deposit bonuses awarded, thereby unnaturally maximizing probability of achieving a large winning slot pay-out (for example: slot bonus round) while ensuring that the pay-out of such an event is awarded to one of the colluding members, effectively detracting from the winning potential of any other players using the casino.
      5. Syndication: The Casino perceives the syndication as an act of being a member and/or forming part of a syndicate, club or group where players receive advantage play strategies in order to create positive expectancy scenarios through the acquisition of promotional offers.
      6. Using the fault, loophole or error in the Casino’s or any third party software provided for the services of this Agreement.
      7. In the situation where the Casino becomes aware that a Player has been found guilty of fraudulent or collusive behavior at another on-line gaming business including charge-backs, complicity, or criminal activities.
      8. In the situation where the Casino becomes aware that a Player has charged back any or denied any of the transfers, deposits and purchases to the User Account in a fraudulent manner.
      9. In the situation where the Casino becomes aware of the use of any automated play software such as ‘bots‘, or any type of simulation tools or systems designed to provide an unfair advantage over the casino.
      10. The original deposit or User Account balance, whichever is the lesser amount, will be credited back to the User Account from which the deposit originated from. The original deposit may be withdrawn at a minimum of $50.
      11. The Casino also reserves the right to investigate any suspicion or a case in which the Casino believes there may be reasonable grounds to fraudulent activity, collusion or complicity, syndication or illegal activity. The Casino also reserves the right to inform the business units, processing companies, electronic payment providers or other collaborative financial institutions, about the identity of a Player and of any suspected unlawful, fraudulent or improper activity.
    11. Common Free Chip Bonus Rules
      1. The Player understands that unless otherwise stated in the promotion, the Player is required to wager 20x the value of any free chip bonus.
      2. Unless otherwise stated in the promotion, the Player may withdraw a minimum of $50 and a maximum of 5x the value of the free chip bonus. The Player understands that the Casino will clear the excess funds from the User Account after the Player is paid the maximum withdrawal amount stated in the free chip promotion.
      3. The Player understands that the Casino will clear the excess funds automatically from the User Account after the Player is paid the maximum withdrawal amount.
  8. Game Rules
    1. Fair odds and the compliance with the applicable laws and regulations have all been confirmed upon checking the Casino game server by a third-party User Accounting firm.
    2. The Player accepts the fact that the Casino’s random number generator software will determine the outcome of the Games. Additionally, the Player accepts all outcomes of Game results as received in the client application from the Casino’s game server.
    3. The Player understands that the Casino may limit pending Games (games which have been quit without a required action from a Player) to one pending Game per Player.
    4. The Casino reserves the right to terminate any pending Games after 30 days without any action by a Player.
    5. The Casino reserves the right to alter, amend or withdraw any Game from the Casino at any time, as well as to alter prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functions or other characteristics of Services and/or Games.
  9. Privacy Policy
    1. Any form of communication or correspondence between a Player and the Casino is private and not meant for distribution or publication on Internet forums.
    2. The Player notes that during the Account registration, he or she will be asked to fill in specific personal data including, but not limited to, first and last name, home address, e-mail address and phone number.
    3. The Casino guarantees not to sell, give away, or otherwise share personal information of a Player to any third party. Personal data of a Player will only be disclosed if ordered by any Governing Authority and/or under any legal provision contained in the Governing Law.
    4. Identity of a Player and aforementioned details will be treated as confidential. The Casino will also not report on wagering details on behalf of any player.
    5. The Player acknowledges that the Casino may ask for certain document copies to verify the identity of a Player, once the Player makes a withdrawal for the first time.
      1. The Casino reserves the right to subsequently ask for documents of that kind, at any time, in order to ensure the security of your account. These documents usually include:
        1. The front and back of a Player’s driving license or any other official government-issued photographic identification.
        2. The Player’s utility bill (for example gas, electricity, water or telephone) with the Player’s name and the address a Player has previously registered with us.
        3. Statement of the card used or letter of issuing bank.
        4. The front and back of any credit or debit cards that were used to make a deposit at the Casino.
        5. Selfie holding your ID, Driver's license or Passport
        6. Selfie holding your card
    6. The Casino reserves the right to ask the Player’s registered financial institution to provide information about the Player, if necessary.
  10. Complaints
    1. The Player acknowledges to contact the Casino’s support team 24/7, in case of any complaint via:
      1. Live chat on the Website or email at [email protected] or e-mail our management at [email protected]
    2. The Casino commits to using all resources to resolve all complaints to the Player’s satisfaction.
  11. Limitations of Liability
    1. The Casino will not be deemed liable for any winnings that result from the following errors:
      1. If the gaming computer hardware or the gaming server does not properly implement the rules of a Game
      2. If the gaming computer hardware or the gaming server do not properly implement the random number generator
      3. If the gaming computer hardware or the gaming server do not make a proper User Account for the play
      4. If a human error is made by the Casino, any of its suppliers, or anyone else involved in creating, producing or delivering the Casino
    2. In the aforementioned situations, the Player will forfeit any winnings that result from any error whatsoever. Should a dispute arise regarding a wager or winnings, the decision of the Casino shall be final and binding.
    3. The Casino will not be deemed liable in any way for any malfunctions relating to hardware (yours or the Casino’s), network, telephone line or system or Internet malfunction.
    4. The Player indemnifies and holds harmless the Casino, its software provider (Real Time Gaming), and their respective licensees, distributors, parent, subsidiaries, affiliates and all of their officers and directors, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners and others from any suit, demand, cause of action, claim, liability, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal fees), liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, fees or any other charges whatsoever that may arise as a result of the use or re-use of any or all of the following: the Website, the Games, gaming with or through us, or receipt of winnings from us.
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