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My dearest mates, here we are again. Yabby enjoys Fall. Less people in the blue kingdom to disturb my peace. More calm waters to enjoy. A fully sick adventure to be looking forward to, as my fellow surfers would say. Or, so I thought. This Fall, I was confronted with a terrible, horrifying feeling coming from another realm. A dream haunted me in broad daylight, trying to send me the message which I could not decipher. Help me out here! The reward is as usual – 200 FREE SPINS to chase the witch away!

A Guy Needs A Rest

I have settled down and was trying to lead a peaceful, family life. I showered my woman with gifts, I enjoyed her company, and her lively and curious spirit. We traveled the water depths and beyond. Exploring different cultures, conquering the caves and places alike can be exhausting. Sometimes, I just need some rest.

And then it happened.  In the midst of cool weather and freshwater exploration, I was forced to withdraw to my home and take a nap. Actually, a nap is an overstatement. A nightmare would be more appropriate word. It is not strange that I was so tired. And when you are tired you certainly do not dream of pink sugary elephants. I know, I can get carried away when sweets are in question. Remember the Dutch Oliebollen? Well, this time, my dream took me to a horrible place.

The Dream

The voice of my wife came to me in my sleep. Only this time, it seemed as if she was a true, evil witch. Her voice was harsh and terrifying. I felt a caress on my forehead.

“Get away from me, woman!”, I screamed. “Don’t touch me, you scary creature. You are not my beloved woman!” She grimed and said: “You are right! I am just the sound reflection of your reality, the other side of the world you know as your own. To tame me, you need to first know who you are dealing with.”

“Who are you?” I asked. And then, she said:

“I have no body, mouth or ears, but I come alive with wind or water and I keep coming back again, and again, and again. What am I?”

There you go, mates. Chase the witch away. Think of the 4-letter sound that repeats in the air or water and share your answer with your username until ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ May 23rd, 2021. Let us chase the witch away and win 200 spins for the sake of poor Yabby who is scared and hopeless!


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