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Hello all and welcome to the Yabby Casino! Have you brought your lucky charms with you? Chinese have a major reputation for being lucky charm fans. So, here are some of the items that can accompany you the next time you spin the wheel of fortune. Luckily for all of us, Yabby Casino is filled with slots based on Chinese myths, just to give you the full Chinese atmosphere. Nevertheless, let’s check out our today’s topic – Chinese lucky charms!

Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

Let’s start! First on our list are twelve Chinese zodiac animals! All of you who are into astrology and horoscope must know about the Chinese zodiac animals. In their culture, every year is marked by one of these zodiac animals. With this mark also goes certain symbolism because every one of these 12 animals carries a deeper meaning. Also, animals rotate every year, and their rotation is carried out in a particular order.

Yet, it is especially important to us that all of these twelve zodiac animals, when they are represented together, bring good luck! They can be pictured on a photo, pendant, or some kind of decoration. It is not so important what is the medium of representation, it is significant that the representation of these animals brings harmony and prosperity to the person who has it. For example, the year of a pig should be the year of wealth and prosperity. Nevertheless, that is why our slot Pig Winner is maybe going to be your lucky one!

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Fu – Chinese Symbol for Luck

Pinyin is one of the most popular Chinese symbols. It is represented with the symbol fu which stands for luck and good fortune. It is used since ancient Chinese times and is usually hung on the front door during the Chinese Spring Festival and Chinese New Year. You may wonder why and the answer is simple – the symbol should stop the Goddess of Poverty to enter people’s homes.

Today, this symbol is written in red paint on paper, and it has become a part of the Feng Shui tradition. It is believed that, if you keep the symbol fu in your home, you will attract positive vibes. On the other hand, if you want to always keep the symbol by your side, you can find it as a pendant and keep it on your jewelry.

Statues of Buddha

Statues of Laughing Buddha, also known as ‘Hotai’ or ‘Pu-Tai’, are a regular thing in Chinese households. To add, they are becoming popular worldwide, so you can see them in homes and restaurants all over the world. People usually think these statues look interesting and funny, but they carry deeper significance to the Chinese people.

The Statue of Laughing Buddha symbolizes prosperity and wealth in Chinese homes. It is even believed that rubbing Buddha’s belly is going to bring you good luck! This especially applies to the gamblers, as the Buddha statue is your lucky charm in the first place. So, what is the better place to put it than in a pokie game? Check out our Plentiful Treasure because it is full of laughing buddhas!

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Lucky Golden Cat Statues

Golden Cat is also one of the Chinese lucky charms that has gained popularity worldwide. Besides its absolute adorableness, the statue of the Golden Cat also carries an important place in Chinese tradition. Interestingly, cats are usually a symbol of bad omens in Chinese tradition. Yet, the golden cat is something different. This symbol should keep evil out of your life and home, and it also has a role in transforming an unfavorable event into one with a positive outcome.

Usually, the golden cat has two sides. One side depicts a cute cat that is smiling and has a raised paw intended to attract wealth and good fortune. On the other hand, the other side portrays a frowning with a broom that should protect you from troubles and get the bad luck away from you.


Last, but not least oranges! We all love to eat them, drink them, but have you ever thought about them as your lucky charms? Probably not, but you should! In Feng Shui tradition, oranges symbolize fruit filled with yang energy. That means they are filled with uplifting, bright, and vibrant energy. The color, smell, or taste of oranges should keep you smiling all day!

Plus, we are sure that it has never crossed your mind, but the Chinese believe oranges are shaped like coins! Their orange color is vibrant, and it almost looks like the color of gold. Additionally, their shape is round which is quite similar to the shape of the coins. With all that in mind, it is much clearer why gamblers carry oranges with them – they should invite wealth and luck into their game!

Try these lucky charms and let us know if they have worked. We invite you to visit Yabby Casino because we have a lot of slots inspired by Chinese culture, as you had a chance to see. Therefore, check it out and bring one of your favorite Chinese lucky charms with you!

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