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Happy New Year guys! Oh, a bit late, is it? Well, it’s just in time for the Chinese New Year, so there! And what a better way to celebrate this festive occasion than by explaining some Chinese slot myth and culture. Gotta step it up! Slot myth is back, with fireworks and everything!

Storm Lords

Now you might not know this, but Storm Lords is very inspired by Chinese media. Shocked? Yeah, me neither! Fung Wan, a.k.a. Wind and Cloud, was a popular Chinese comic book written by the most important authors in the genre. It’s a martial arts piece with two brothers and their trials and tribulations. They fought against and for each other and many manly tears were shed.

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Lucky 8

So, Chinese people have a thing with numbers. How much of a thing? Well, the number 4 is regulatory omitted in elevators and parking lots all across Chinese-owned businesses. Why? Basically, it’s because the symbols of 4 and Death sound very similar. And, by the same logic, you get the obsession with the number 8. Number 8 sounds eerily similar to the Chinese word for wealthy. People will spend money hand over fist just to get as many numbers 8 on their driver’s license. This is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, as already wealthy people can spend that moola on that sweet 8s! 

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Wu Zetian

Yes, look at that fine piece of … jewelry! I mean the lady in the pictures is also a looker. Who even is she? She is the Wu Zetian, the scariest woman in Chinese royal history! Starting as the emperor’s concubine, then probably poisoning him, and marrying his son. And that’s like her first few years!

By the end, she murdered so many people that even the historians lost count. On the love front, her last lovers were two twin brothers (symbols in the game) that tried to manipulate her in her old age. Didn’t go well for them and they ended up dead with the fear empress. But, the funny thing is, she was a pretty great ruler all things considered (excluding the murders). You go, girl!


Fucanglongs are basically giant F dragons. F stands for Fucanglong, of course! Joking aside, the dragons were known as the dragons of the underworld. They were the guardians of all kinds of treasures, man-made or otherwise. And when they got angry it was not nice, to say the least. They would erupt out of the earth, spreading fire and carnage all over. And that’s where we get volcanoes from, kids. This is if you ask ancient Chinese mythology.

But, there is another mythological player in the game. His name is Jin Chan a.k.a the three-legged frog a.k.a the Money Toad! It’s like the Chinese equivalent of the werewolf appearing to people at a full moon. But, unlike the werewolf who generally gives death to those who see it, the Money Toad gives mad money! So, next time you see a frog, a big win might just be in your cards or slot!

Pig Winners Chinese Zodiac Story

Let’s spice things up with a little story for the end. We are not all about the games, a little cultural content is also included. For all of you who aren’t familiar with the story of the 12 animals race here it is! The Jade Emperor, whom we discussed in the previous episode, held a race between the 12 animals. To cut things short and get to the results. First place mouse, second ox, third tiger (2022 baby), fourth rabbit… and 12th place pig! You lazy son of a hog, you’re last… well let’s move on to the greatest legend of them all.

The Chinese New Year Slot Myth

Nian is the great beast whom we lured with a lot of food and fend off with lanterns, firecrackers, and scrolls. But Casino Yabby has also a tradition to fend off bad luck and generally bad times. It’s called instant withdrawals, a weapon worthy of myth and legend. When you wield it, time and space bend to your will as well as the payment. So, go and visit Casino Yabby and immerse yourself in the Chinese myths. But, most importantly, have fun!

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