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From the dapper-looking bandit of Cash Bandit to the boney hombre of Diamond Fiesta and Lil Reds‘ bad wolf…Wait what am I on about? Well, I’m all about these wilds, man! Always there when you need a helping hand, wilds have been a part of slots for a long time. Over the years we had like a bazillion different types of wilds. So, let’s get over all these types while mentioning the best examples of them in this day and age. Who knows, maybe you’ll see your favs mentioned here and there! So, let’s take this walk on the wild side and take a look at all the varieties of slot wild symbols. Shall we?

What Are Wilds Used For?

Okay, I get it now, you’re pulling my leg.” What are wilds used for?” Haha! Classic. Wait, some of you are serious? Okay, okay I’ll do it for the newbies, but this better count as community service in the court of law! Capish? So, wild is probably the second symbol you’ll encounter on your spin-to-win journey after the vanilla symbols. They are among the main factors behind a slot RTP, so they are pretty important.

But what do they do exactly? Well, they go wild! Kidding, they mostly just substitute for other symbols (excluding scatters of course). By doing this, they give you a fighting chance against an onslaught of bad roles we all encounter at one time or another. Now, with all of us on the same page, let’s get to the meat of the article!

Different Varieties of Wild Symbols

Basic Wild Symbols

Okay, we already went over this one, so let’s name a few of our faves basics (no offense). All slots today have basic wilds. So, pick and choose, you won’t lose.

Best examples: player’s choices!

Sticky Wilds

Now, these boys never really give up, no matter how you spin them. When these basic wilds don’t last more than a spin, our sticky boy lasts 2, 3, or even more. What a soldier! Also, there is a special kind of sticky wild called shifting wild. It just can’t stay put and jump around the board until gracefully leaving after a few spins.

Best examples: Dragon orb, Poppiñata

Dragon Orb play now

Multiplying Wilds

On the other side, we have the big money players that explode for mad value. 2x 3x, 4x, all the x your heart can desire.

Best examples: 5 Whishes, Witchy Wins

5 Wishes play now

Stacked Wilds

There is a sense of class when talking about stacked wilds. Let’s set the scene. The heroes on the promotional art of the slot are 99% symbols in the game. A tasteful portrait is a norm I say. But then in moments, the wilds surprise you with game heroes in full display. And it’s all possible by stacking three wild symbols in a row. Now, that’s a slot wild symbol if I ever saw one.

Best example: Trigger Happy, Storm Lords

Trigger Happy play now

Expanding Wilds

Another wise guy with a trick up in his sleeve. Expanding wilds might look innocent enough at first, like the pyramid in Egyptian Gold. Just a bit of fine architecture, nothing to be afraid of, right? Wrong! In a second they start to expand, looking more and more treating, like blowfish fending off predators. Ignore my flowery language, but they basically expand over the whole reel. Spooky!

Best Example: Twister Wild, Egyptian Gold

play now

Cascading Wilds

The original escape artist. Nobody expects their spectacular vanish before it’s too late. And bam! 3 cascading wilds connect and disappear without a trace, leaving all other symbols scrambling and falling to their doom. Fast! I am over-exaggerating a bit, but it is surely the most visually appealing one of all slot wild symbols.

Best example: Lil Reed, Princes Warrior

How Do Wilds Boost Slot Play?

This is a crazy question. Would you still play the fruit machines of the old ages? No! So, let us praise the slot wild symbols for the major boost in fun it gave to all our games!

Speaking of boosts, let’s take a look at all the boosts and free spins you get. Flawless transition! As always you can claim your Crypto Special with a 150% boost and 50 free spins. Don’t want a boost, just the spins? It doesn’t matter. You can still claim your 20 free spins and no deposit is required. Add this to the fact that Yabby Casino is an instant withdrawal casino and you’ll be going along with the symbols!


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