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Once upon a time, there was a little girl, her grandma, and the big bad wolf. I mean there was also a hunter involved somewhere but who cares? We know the tale in and out and that is probably the first story you heard in your life. Yet, there’s just something so whimsical about it, and I’m not just talking about the wonderful music this slot is sporting. The slot is the full package, with that good old fairytale feeling. So let’s start over. Once upon a time, there was a Lil Red slot in which you could WIN BIG! 

Lil Red Slot Symbols

Right from the start, as we jump into the game we are being chased by a big bad wolf. The wolf is the game’s wild. Oh, thank gosh there is grandma’s hut and grandma in it all tucked under the bedsheets, ready to burst. I mean, because she’s a bursting wild, a symbol that morphs other symbols into wilds, duh.

Yeah, she’s a bit on the hairy side, but it’s wintertime, so long-sleeved shirts are here to rescue. Fine, I’ll drop the facade, I know that’s a wolf in grandma’s clothing (another bursting wild). I’m just biding my time while the hunter comes and rescues me. Wait, what’s this shiny book (scatter) laying over here? The initials SC are on it. Well, I’m opening it, so here it goes. Whoosh…

Free Games with Multiplying Cascading Wins

My good magical book activated the Lil Red slot free Game feature! Okay, maybe it wasn’t one book but at least three of them are required for some magic to happen. But once it starts, you are in for at least 15 Free games or 30 (4 scatters) or 60 (5 scatters). But this isn’t your usual free games feature because Lil Red Slot has free games with multiplying cascading wins.

This brings a few great things to the table. The winning symbols disappear and are replaced by a new random symbol. They keep doing this until you hit a non-winning combination. With each morphing, a multiplayer appears and keeps going up to 5x after the 4th morph. And finally, the free games feature can be retriggered any time during the current run! Well, that was fast and exhausting! I might have to reach into Lil Red’s picnic basket for some goodies. Speaking of speed and goodies…

Free Spins and Instant Withdrawals

Opening the basket, I chop on the first thing in it with even a single look. Shock! This isn’t a surgery snack to give me my daily boost, but it is something equally sweet. 20 free spins with NO DEPOSIT required! At the instant withdrawal casino, Casino Yabby. I am shocked, but count me in! So, smash that coupon code BLAST20 and help Lil Red save her grandma!


  • Pendlebury 2014 says:

    Great fun,lots good bonuses,hits it yabby your yabby crabby Paddy’s are the best!

    • Lola Smith says:

      Thank you for playing at Yabby casino. Stay tuned for great offers and instant withdrawals. Regards!

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