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Weird title right? Yet, there is a reason for that. As the popularity of poker keeps skyrocketing, more and more people are wanting to learn how to play it. Still, it appears that most are stuck endlessly googling. Thankfully, in about 5 minutes they’ll be ready to double down like champs! So, what beats a full house in poker? Is it the best hand ever?! Let’s find out!

How to Play Poker

Well, this is a bit of a broad question, to say the least. There are like a bajillion different versions of poker, each with its own little quirks and features. But, the one thing that is consistent no matter which version it’s in question is the hand ranking. So, let’s look at how hands are ranked in poker and how a full house fits in there. And, finally, how to win in poker (spoiler alert: have a better hand).

How to Win in Poker With a Full House

As we said in the spoiler, it’s usually advantageous to have a better hand. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Sometimes the player with the worse hand can win by sheer strength of their stare. Bluffing, as it’s referred to by normal people, is the art of ‘fake it until you make it’. On the other hand, if your poker face consists of you sweating a lot, you might need to learn up on those hand rankings… 

What Wins in Poker

So, we all know how the old song and dance goes. Jack beats 10, queen beats jack, king beats queen and finally ace beats king. The rest of the numbers are pretty self-explanatory. That means the high card is the lowest poker hand. But, what happens if you have aces or jacks in hand? Well, that pair is the second weakest hand for you. And, what is better than one pair? Two pairs! But even stronger than that and next up in the rankings are three of a kind. That sounds pretty simple so let’s keep going!

Now we are entering the big boy territory with the straight a.k.a. five cards in a sequence but not in the same suite. So, for example, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of hearts is a straight! But, the straight is opposite the flush. Are you telling me that five cards of the same suit (flush) are stronger than a straight!? Yeah. But what’s even stronger than flush? Well, it’s our old friend from the title, a full house. So, full house or three of a kind with a pair, as it’s known professionally, is the 4th strongest card combo. 4th? Does that mean there are three card combos stronger than a full house in poker? Also, yeah…

What Beats a Full House?

The first part of the elite three is four of a kind. Here’s a fun fact: a cool nickname for four kings is the
Four Horsemen (as in the biblical kind). This is because they are bringing the apocalypse to anyone who’s unlucky enough to face them. But, two combos are as rare as they are feared. When you combine straight and flush, what do you get? A straight flush (very imaginative, I know). 

So, this would be five cards in a sequence but this time in the same suite. There are like nine (x 4 for every suite) ways to make this combo (out of 2,598,960 total)! Still, there’s one more game-over-hand. If you score it, you literally can’t lose and that is the royal flush. I mean, there can be a draw (a royal flush face-off). So, A, K, Q, J, 10, all in the same suit. It doesn’t get better than that.

Understanding the Right Hands to Win in Poker

We have been beating around the bush. The version of poker you’re most familiar with and the one you want to play is good old Texas Hold’em. With 7 cards (2 hands + 5 board) in total to work with your chances of getting a full house shoots up quite a bit. That applies also to your chances of getting the coveted Royal Flush going up (slightly). But, one question remains: what is the worst hand ever?

What is the Weakest Possible Holding in Poker?

Why ask this? Well, we already know what the best of the best is, so why not give the underdog some spotlight. And without further adieu, the worst hand in poker (Texas hold ‘em) is: 2-7 offsuit hand! Yikes, buddy just fold without thinking! But then you know that you don’t have to do any folding. When you withdraw at Casino Yabby every withdrawal is a win because the withdrawal is instant!

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