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Psst. Hey, kid. Yea, you. Want to feel like a spy breaking into a vault with just your wits and some gadgets on the side? Well, I don’t know about your wits, but there is a gadget that might just do the trick. The slot machine jammer! I mean you’ll most definitely get caught but you can dream and more importantly, you can read. So, let’s see do slot machine jammers still work! Read on and find out! Also a disclaimer! Casino Yabby doesn’t approve or encourage the illegal use of any of these devices!

Slot Machine Jammers

Slot jammers are also known as EMP (electromagnetic pulse) jammers. These are very simple devices that anyone can make and shut down most small electrical devices easy peasy. But can they be used on slots? That is more of a question of craftiness. 

All that stands between you and a thousand-dollar dream is a top-of-the-range surveillance system. Right? Well, no because this method works only on older slot models, which are being phased out as we speak. To see why, let’s see how slot jammers work in the first place.

How Do Slot Machine Jammers Work

As the EMP abbreviation suggests it sends an electromagnetic shock that interferes with the electric current of the victim device. So, a button some coil, a battery, and casing for it all for a high voltage shock. Well, that’s maybe enough for a phone or calculator but certainly not enough to take out a big slot machine. So then, you might think to yourself: Do slot machine jammers cost a lot?

How Much Do Slot Machine Jammers Cost?

Most are within an affordable price range as they are inexpensive to make. But a big question is: do any one of them work? And not just on slots but on even the smallest calculator. In fact, many of them turn out to be duds. So, order at your own risk! But, to order an EMP jammer, we need to know what they look like!

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What do EMP Jammers Look Like?

Well, slot jammers can range in size and appearance. There usually are a few things that you’ll have to look for. You need a nickel wire, a battery, and a container as mentioned above. Plus some additional transistors, resistors… and an engineering degree wouldn’t go a miss. Now, again we here at Casino Yabby, aren’t promoting the use of these devices! You’ll get caught, and go to jail! Don’t believe me! See below…

Can You Really Trick A Slot Machine?

Yea, technically it works but there are several reasons to get away with any profits. Casinos have been at this for over 100 years. Do you think you could pull such a small-time trick and get away with it? You would need to know how to hack the software on the newer machines and that’s not impossible. Why? Because it gets updated on a regular basis. And not to mention TITO (Tickets In, Tickets Out) slots. In 30 years of existence, they spread across casinos, and there’s little an EMP jammer can do against them. The era of slot jamming is at its end, so what now?

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