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If you are looking for the best casino bonuses, this is the right place! Crypto friendly casino Yabby offered it in many versions and you can find the information in our complete guide to casino bonuses. Of course, special rewards are reserved for our loyal players and one of the best-known are comp points.

Comp Points Explanation

In online casino language comp points or complimentary points represent the reward for your permanent playing. You can obtain them in a simple way. The more you play, the more you get. All you need to do if you want to earn them is to place a bet at our casino.

To start collecting them at Yabby casino you should know that for $10 wagering you will get 1 point. Every 100 points can be changed for $1 with no max cashout and no wagering.

Reasons To Have Them

You might ask yourself what’s the reason to collect these points anyway? First of all, as we already said you can change them for real cash.

Another reason is related to the many perks that you can get besides these points. Namely, moving through levels at our VIP lounge means getting more and more points. In our blog post VIP status at Yabby casino, you will find the reasons to became a member of our VIP lounge.

How To Maximise the Number of Comp Points?

The best advice that you can get is to play regularly. The more you play the more you get. It’s so simple. However, you should redeem it from time to time. Probably, you think that it’s a bit silly, but even our most experienced players forget to redeem comp points. Don’t worry, you won’t lose them if you didn’t redeem them. You are just missing out on the cash benefits related to exchanging them for credit.

One more way to collect them is to be familiar with all upcoming promotions, because during some of them the number of comp points can be doubled.

Start Collecting

Yabby casino has a simple system for comp points easy to use. To start collecting them you should make a deposit, choose a game you want to play, place a bet, and don’t forget that for every $10 wagered you will get 1 comp point.

Once you start making bets, all points that you collect can be found in the special section on your account.

Let’s play and collect comp points!

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