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Craps is the game of choice for all dice shooting lovers out there. You do not need to possess any special skill in order to shoot the dice. However, it is always better to have some basic knowledge first. In Craps, combining numbers is crucial. So, let’s get to the Crabs basics and bets.

Number Combinations

Craps has eleven numbers at your disposal, in the range from 2 to 12. Now, take into consideration that a dice has 6 sides with a number on each side. Craps uses two dice, which provides for 36 possible number combinations.

For example, if each dice displays 1, the result is 2. Or, if, for instance, one dice displays 3 and the other 4, the result is 7. This principle is applicable to all 11 numbers in the range 2-12.

Why Number Combinations Matter?

The Craps game starts with the “come out roll”. Players usually need to place the bet on a designated line (pass or don’t pass line). The shooter rolls the 2 dice. If the rolled-out result number is 2, 3, or 12, the round finishes. This is called “crapping out”. It is a good outcome for those players who placed bets on “don’t pass line”. The game is also considered finished if the rolled-out result is 7 or 11.

Should the result of the rolled-out dice be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the game continues. Shooters place their bets on the outcome again, and the same shooter that rolled the dice the last time, shoots them again.

Shooters take turns when a seven is rolled out and the round ends.

The Bets

There are many possible bets players can place in Craps. This article will reflect on placing bets in general, while detailed explanation of each type demands a bit more space. We will deal with this topic in one of the future posts.

Basically, all players should know their limits. Protecting the bankroll is a priority for many players. In Craps, players have the right to place both Pass Line and Come Bets. There is also an opportunity to try out some of the wild bets, which justify their name. As you can imagine, these bets are a bit risky, because house edges in these bets are really high.  The house edges in wild bets usually range from 9% to 11%.

So, How Should I Bet?

The potential gain in Craps game with wild bets could be worth the risk. However, before getting into the wild bets, we advise you to stick to practicing the basics and trying out some of the standard bets.

For example, the standard Pass and Come (or Don’t Pass & Don’t Come) bets usually come with 1.4% house edge. This is way more acceptable than the wild bets mentioned previously. 

Every professional probably has his own strategy and advice. Keep practicing and developing your own style. We wish you to become a true professional and a “dice controller”. While on the mission of becoming a pro, consider playing with Bitcoin which can secure your anonymity.

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