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The latest news on crypto adoption comes from Texas. You may have heard so far that Texas is one of the US states where cryptos are apparently more than welcome. During the last years the state has done a lot to regulate the crypto market and make crypto currencies more accessible to its citizens. The latest in the line of crypto news from Texas concerns one of the largest supermarket chains in Texas. Apparently, people would be able to buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and many other cryptos and tokens in supermarket chains.

Crypto Adoption in Texas

Bringing crypto currencies to the places where people buy food and basic necessities has all the logic in the world. It also does a lot on a psychological level when it comes to adopting cryptos as part of our everyday lives.

Recently, wrote an article on the upcoming availability of cryptos in Texan supermarkets. Reportedly, one of the largest supermarket chains in Texas called H-E-B will introduce ATMSs where people would be able to buy and sell major crypto currencies. The plan includes BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, and dollar-pegged stablecoins. The ATM firm Coin Cloud will handle installation of ATMs in 29 Houston locations.

From now on, Texans will be able to cash out their cryptos when going shopping at the supermarket. Being able to use cryptos to buy food and groceries was unthinkable a few years back. Welcome to the future.

What About Wider US Crypto Adoption?

Texas is no surprise as the state has clear regulations on virtual currency investments. Texans apparently hope this will bring more investments and more jobs. Additional advantage for consumers is the lower interest rate applied to cryptos.

Interestingly, over the entire USA, we can notice increasing interest in cryptos during the previous year period. Reportedly, there have been 117% increase in crypto ATMs across the US, which clearly points out the strong demand.

Australia Supermarkets and Crypto Adoption

Australia is not in any way behind the crypto adoption in the US. In the past we wrote about Australian Food Industry on Blockchain, the way how Blockchain Technology Can Pump Up the Sydney Economy. Or about the ways how blockchain is making Australia energy-efficient. Now, there is an addition to all this.

Namely, the large supermarket chain in Australia called IGA has introduced cryptocurrency payments in all its stores. We are talking about over 1,400 locations in Australia only where people are able to buy groceries with cryptocurrencies.

The company in charge of handling crypto ATMs at these supermarkets is purportedly TravelbyBit. Shoppers have the chance to use BTC, ETH, LTC and BNB.

As for the numbers, it is a rough estimate that around 17% of Australians own crypto, 9% of which own Bitcoin. The analysts say this is an increase if we compare it to the end of 2020 when  12% of the total Australian population owned one of the cryptos.

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