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Roulette is one of the most attractive and glamorous casino games. We may as well think of it as the synonym for the casino in general. The reason for this could be the fact that roulette is one of the oldest games out there. Moreover, many Hollywood movies featured roulette and made it even more popular, classy and outstanding game. If you wish to play roulette successfully, you need to master the skills and pray for a bit of luck.  When learning the basics, concentrate on the tips and tricks that can get you a long way in roulette. These are European Roulette and La Partage rule explained.

Why European Roulette?

Many of you may be aware of the advantages of European roulette. However, we feel the need to remind our players why European version is more appealing.

Namely, this version features just one zero, while the American roulette features two. Furthermore, European roulette has 36 numbered spots and thus – 37 different results. On the other hand, the American roulette has 36 numbered spots but 38 possible results.

At the first glance the difference is not so significant. Nevertheless, what if I told you that due to that small difference in numbers and potential number of results, the house edge in European roulette is way lower. To be precise, it is 2.7%. Additionally, if you apply the La Partage rule that house edge is even lower. Much lower.

Compare that to the edge of 5.26% in the American roulette and you will understand the difference.

Even Money Bets

Now that we have got your attention, it is time to explore one of the most favorable rules in roulette. La Partage is one of the two rules that roulette players like the most. You will soon understand why.

Depending on your playing style, bankroll and your personality, you will choose the type of bets you wish to place as well as the system you prefer to apply. Consider Martingale, for example.

As for the bets, a great number of players prefer even money bets. The reason is usually the fact that these bets provide 50-50 odds. It means that you can expect to win or lose the same amount of money. It is a practical way to keep on playing and getting the feel of the game.

For example, if you place $100 and win, you actually win $100 and you also get your stake of $100 back ($200 in total).

Once you decide that it is time to take a greater risk in order to win more, you can switch to other types of bets. However, many proficient players stick to even money wagering. Why? One of the reasons could be the advantage that the La Partage rule provides. And remember – this is the rule that applies only to even money bets.

Try La Partage

Even money bets in roulette are high-low, even-odd, or red-black. Let us imagine that you are wagering even money in European roulette and that the ball landed on zero. At that moment, the dealer will split the even money bets in half.

What happens next? The dealer then keeps one half for the house and returns the other to the player. Keep in mind that the ball landed on zero. So, the player gets one half regardless of the spot where the ball landed.

It is very important to stress that this move lowers the house edge from 2.7% to the amazing 1.35%. You can see now why European roulette with the La Partage rule in even money bets is one of the most attractive ways to play roulette.

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