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Whether or not you worked from home these past weeks and months, or were left jobless, the odds are you had at least some extra free time on your hands. Every time that happens, the first urge we have is to rest. Well, at least some of us. The second one is to keep our brains busy. We can do it by watching movies, series, reading, playing with kids, learning something new. However, many people need some time for themselves only, when they can dedicate to things they have been long passionate about. No, it’s not that. We are talking about hobbies. The weirdest hobbies people have may just give you an idea of what not to explore. Or they can make you laugh. Either way, enjoy.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is the first weird hobby on our list, as it shows just how much people need adrenaline.

We can look at it as an extreme sport. This hobby-sport entails ironing your clothes in the most unusual surroundings. Think mountain tops, river kayaks, freeways – just to name a few. Why would someone risk a life ironing a t-shirt, it is beyond my comprehension? However, I get it that it is not so much about the act itself, but the situation and circumstances surrounding the act. Tempting faith, or just having a bit of fun, you decide.

Beginnings of extreme ironing date back to 1997, purportedly. It was a year when Phil Shaw decided to pair the errands, he had to run with the planned rock climbing with his friends. And so, he created the new hobby that gained supporters globally.

Soap Carving

After extreme ironing, we feel the need to break it off with some scented, romantic hobby story. Soap carving reportedly originates from Thailand. Soaps with carved ornaments or entire pictures are works of art. Artists sell them at local markets. However, we see that this hobby spread around the world. Today we can find carvings in soaps in majority of stores.

Personally, I tried doing this once and almost suffocated. The thing is that once you start carving a soap, the small particles that you peel off give away a very intense scent. It is much stronger than the scent of a soap bar. Nevertheless, the result could be quite interesting and practical. You can give it away as a gift when you master the art.

For me, soap carving is right next to making pictures out of flower petals. Both require some skill, precision and an artistic eye.

Train Surfing

Getting back to extreme sports or hobbies, we cannot overlook the fact that something called “train surfing” exists. According to the information on the Internet, this ridiculously insane sport showed up in the 1980s Germany. The goal was and still is to jump on a fast train in motion and survive the ride.

Needless to say that this sport or hobby already took away lives. The records show that only in one year (2008) and only in Germany, 40 men died trying to perform this stunt.

Fork Bending

You have seen it in movies and probably thought that no such thing exists in real life. But it does. Fork bending is the Japanese hobby. It aims to strengthen the will power and exercise the powers of the mind.


Mooing is probably as cool of a hobby as it is odd and ridiculous. Mooing originates from the dairy land – Wisconsin, USA. It is a competition between participants who impersonate the sound of a cow. The most successful one takes home cash, golden cow bell, etc. You can take a look at an interesting report from 2019 here.

There you have it, folks. I am sure there are other weird hobbies out there. Write to us if you know one. In the meantime, return to your favorite hobby – playing at our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino.

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