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Ever since the 1891 and the first pokie machine with automatic payout, everyone’s favorite game has undergone huge changes. Evolution of pokies was driven by high demand and the need to make the experience more fun and exciting. Nowadays pokies provide ultimate fun at the tip of your fingers. But it hasn’t always been that way. This is a short review of a giant leap from mechanics to the online world of pokies with a special look back at the year in which pokies appeared online.

The Year 1996

1996 was the year that changed the way we play pokies. This year was interesting in many ways. As a quick reminder, these are just some of the basic data from 1996 to recall what the world looked like:

  • That year, NASA launched the Mars Global Surveyor which started mapping Mars 3 years later. In 1996 the average Income per year was reportedly $36,300.00 and the average monthly rent $554.00.
  • The online records also show that the price of a gallon of gas was $1.22.
  • Roland Emmerich’s iconic movie “Independence Day” broke all the box office records. It is a funny fact that this year especially many comments on its significance.
  • During 1996 and many years afterwards, the world danced to the catchy tune of Macarena. Those suffering from heart break drowned themselves in Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”. Admittedly, the author of this text found comfort in “One Sweet Day” by Boys II Men and Mariah Carey. 

The 1996 Turning Point

By 1990ies the pokies took the lead among casino games. As you can imagine, their popularity grew because of the many advantages they offer. Easy-to-play kind of a game, excitement, no special skills needed – all of this and more were the reasons why pokies became the most profitable games for both casinos and players. Pokie appeal appears to be everlasting.

With the appearance of Internet, the casino games transferred online. At first, the players could enjoy table games, blackjack, roulette, etc. However, online pokies soon followed.  And this is where the ultimate fun started.

The first video pokie appeared in 1996. The developer was WMS Industries Inc and the game “Reel ‘Em”. Those bonus rounds that you like so much were born with this game. This was the event that marked the most important step in the evolution of pokies.

Evolution of Pokies Online

Online pokies that we know today evolved through time. It is logical to assume that with the introduction of Internet, the games changed the pace. The layouts and the themes keep changing still.

The structure evolved and nowadays providers make sure to have plenty of interesting pokies on offer. From traditional three-reel pokies with modest number of paylines to much larger number of reels and almost unimaginable number of paylines and special features, the pokies meet all of your needs. But how did it all start?

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A Quick Run Through the Beginnings

The first pokie machines appeared in the 1891, in New York. The manufacturer was the company Sittman and Pitt. This first machine did not provide automatic payout, and the players would collect their winnings at the bar. Did we mention that this machine was primarily distributed through bars? Interestingly, the prizes were in the form of free drinks or cigars.

It included 5 drums and 50 cards for playing. The remaining 2 cards (Jack of Hearts and Ten of Spades) were removed to create the house edge by reducing the odds of hitting a royal flush.  

Liberty Bell

Shortly afterwards, Charles Augustus Fey invented the first pokie machine with automatic payout. This version introduced some changes in comparison to the previous one.

Namely, instead of the 5 drums there were 3 reels. Also, instead of the playing cards, the 5 symbols appeared: hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and a liberty bell.  This machine was called Liberty Bell because of its highest paying symbol (3 Liberty bells).

Fruit Machines  

After the Liberty Bell appeared, the pokie machines were banned. Well, at least officially. Nevertheless, the manufacturers continued to produce the pokies which led to the development of the so-called “fruit machines”.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the pokies used to payout the winnings in the form of chewing gums and sweets of different flavors. The flavor would depend on the fruit symbol that participated in forming the winning combination. Now, just imagine how lucky we are nowadays.

The 60ies  

It was not until the 1960ies that the first electromechanical machine appeared. Everyone called it Money Honey. Again, the new big step in evolution of pokies. Money Honey was able to provide the automated payout up to 500 coins. We can only imagine how huge of a deal this was.

The First Video Pokie

The next big step in evolution of pokies was the development of video pokies. The first one appeared in 1976 in Las Vegas Hilton and it became popular extremely quickly. It had the Sony 19-inch display screen and was called Fortune Coin.

And so, after the 1990ies and giant leap, we arrived to 2020 where you can play at bet safe Yabby Casino and enjoy the benefits of fast payouts. Speaking of which, have you checked the newest from the Christmas themed pokies? Hurry up!

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