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It seems that we have one passionate video poker player who knows how to make a big win. Michael has shown his video poker skills recently and made a nice win of $3,623. About that, we already wrote on our blog. Now, he once again made a big win by hitting Royal Flush!

Two days ago, Michael has played two popular video poker games, which are his favorites, obviously – Loose Deuces and Double Double Bonus Poker. Several times he saw the winning combination on his screen and at the end, scooped $4,000.

Double Double Bonus Poker Gameplay

Michael has started his gaming session playing Double Double Bonus Poker. There, he had many small winning hands while he got Jacks or Better, 2 Pair, 3 of a Kind several times. Also, he hit Flush ten times and increased the amount on his account.

The big win on this game he made when he got 4 of a Kind-5 Thru King. It brought him $62.50.

When the cards gave him Full House he added $22.50 on the account. Michael also won when he got Straight two times.

He made his three biggest winning hits when the card combination was 4 of a Kind. However, on one hand, he hit 4 of a Kind – 2, 3, 4 and got $200. Two other great wins of $250 each he managed when he opened 4 of a Kind – 5 Thru King.

When Michael hit a Full House three times, his amount was increased by $45 per hit.

Michael’s gameplay was really good until one moment. After that, it started to be amazing. Namely, he got every video poker player’s dream – its majesty – the Royal Flush! The amount on his screen was an awesome $4,000.

Loose Deuces Gameplay

With this big sum, Michael continued to play another video poker game Loose Deuces. Here, he also made several small winning hits, but at the end, Michael “went home” with a $4000 payout, which he got instantly. It isn’t surprising because instant payouts are the main advantage of crypto friendly Yabby Casino, known to our players.

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