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Getting to know Roulette a bit deeper, there are terms you will inevitably come across. We talked about the Martingale system recently. However, have you heard about the Oscar’s Grinding? Oscar’s Grinding System in Roulette is one of the few famous roulette strategies. There are many players who stick to the Oscar’s Grinding, as the system with a math logic at its core.

Oscar’s Grinding System in Short

In roulette, as in life as well, smaller wins over a longer period of time can be a smart path to choose. Steadiness is what keeps you alive, makes you smarter, more skillful and a better connoisseur of the game.

Maybe you remember that we mentioned the same thing, when we wrote about Martingale. This is the feature that these two strategies have in common – smaller winning amounts more frequently. However, with Oscar’s Grinding, a player should increase the bet after winning, not losing the streak.

How to Apply the Oscar’s Grinding System?

When applying this strategy, a player should divide the chips in two halves. The first half should cover the first 12 numbers. The second half covers the third 12 numbers. So, now we have fields 1 and 3 covered with chips. The second field is empty at this point.

You may be wondering what the player is hoping for in this situation? It is simple. The player hopes the ball would lend on any of the fields covered with chips, because in that case, the player wins. Players know that there are reasonable chances of losing a half of the chips. At the same time, this means that the other half is susceptible to winning. And so, they take on a risk.

Is It Really That Simple?

Naturally, there are other aspects a player should think about. Before starting the game, the player should know that there are many sequences to it. Therefore:

  • The net profit in each sequence of a game should match the original bet. When this happens, the new sequence begins.
  • Unlike Martingale, bets should increase after every win in Oscar’s grinding. It is recommendable to increase the bet by 1 unit after every win. Simultaneously, the bets should always remain at the same level after every loss and reset to the original bet upon ending the sequence.  
  • One other important thing to note is that a player should always have a plan regarding the bankroll. At the very beginning, the player decides on a value of a unit of a stake.

Advantages and Downsides

Generally speaking, this strategy is a low risk one due to the fact that in case of many consecutive loses, this strategy can handle them very well.

Not only that but using the Oscar’s grinding can easily turn the game around and enable the player to start winning. However, this happens only when the winning streak of the same length comes by.

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