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Don’t let this call for your opinion start gathering digital dust. Make it a unique opportunity to try the new full service at Yabby Casino and review it. What’s in it for me? – we hear you ask. Your insight is valuable because it is so powerful that helps us as well as the players: we get to grow, and you get the service tailored to your needs. Today, we ask you to help us make deposits easier. Your starting point should be our Cashier where you can try buying BTC with Visa/Mastercard plus depositing – all at one place!

Have You Heard the News?

You may have noticed that there is a new depositing method available at crypto casino Yabby. Namely, we have recently announced the introduction of a special service. You can now buy crypto with your card and automatically deposit BTC to your casino account. In case you missed the big news and the new depositing guide, make sure to check this link.

How Does it Work?

The goal was to offer easier, yet comprehensive service without the need to leave our web site in search of the crypto exchange. The idea was: since you already landed here, make sure to get the best of it, the easiest way possible and take all you can win. Make deposits easier – in short.

To sum it up: we now provide the opportunity to buy BTC on Changelly crypto exchange through our web site. The bought funds automatically land on your casino account.

There is always the first time for everything. So, if you haven’t tried this method, now is the perfect moment, because we need your honest opinion on its effectivness and the overoll user experience.

Try the New Method and Review It

This is where we need your assistance. We have noticed that some of you successfully completed the process of buying BTC through our web site and automatically depositing to their casino accounts. However, there have also been some incomplete attempts to do the same.

If you are experiencing any type of issues, we would like to know, so we can improve the service. Feel free to let us know about possible technical issues or whether there is anything in this process that you were not comfortable with. Perhaps you had concerns about certain steps in this buying/depositing process. Or you may have found instructions in the process insufficiently clear. We are just guessing here, but you should feel comfortable to specify the problems which you have encountered, if any.   

Important note: We would appreciate if you could leave a review below this post specifying exact issues and/or explaining your experience in detail. The more you share, the easier it would be to fix the problem and enable things run smoothly.

Why Should You Participate?

Team at Yabby Casino realizes that no matter how good we are, there is always room for improvement. To do that, we need your input which makes a difference. And let me tell you – the difference can be huge between just a random online casino you stumbled upon and the place you like to come back to frequently.

Depositing opens the door to excitement and joining the best fun online. To make deposits easier than they already are is a challenge. Nevertheless, Team Yabby believes that we can move boundaries together. Prove us right.


  • Nicholi Tango says:

    Top Marks Yabby!!!
    Well done, this is amazing news and another reason again to choose Yabby 1st.
    You have partnered with an exchange that is Smooth, Smart & Simple to use for everyone on a Global scale.

    Can I get a round of… aClaws!!!

  • Chris allen says:

    It did not work, it says I exceeded my limit of 0$. Also it changed my deposit amount to 300$ and it rushes you so it could be missed. Kinda sneaky. You don’t have enough time to get the verification code either.

    • Lola Smith says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We will take into consideration and try to improve the process to be easier for using. All the best!

  • Papajoe says:


  • Pushpause says:

    Yabby works fast at getting all the deposits and has super fast withdrawals…. Everytime I needed help they have been there fast as they could and also resolved my issue…. Yabby casino is the way to go

  • Alexander king says:

    Yabby is one of my favorites. Just seems to be tight lately which kind of sucks. Thank you guys for doing everything you guys do. But it has been a while since I could do a withdrawal I’m hoping that it loosens up a little bit soon

  • Jason says:

    There needs to be more transparency regarding the fees associated with this, particularly when you are using a deposit bonus that has varying bonus amounts based on amount. If you are trying to deposit $100, for instance, you will need to actually buy almost $115. Part of this is due to being restricted to BTC. Due to the way this is promoted and how it is directly deposited, it really doesn’t matter to the end user which crypto is used. Any of the alternative crypto deposit options that Yabby offers would have less fees associated and offer more value. (The alternative coins would also have faster confirmation times, but wouldn’t really have much affect to us, since I don’t believe Yabby waits for confirmations with this deposit method.)

    • Lola Smith says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We will take it into consideration and try to improve the process to be easier for using. All the best!

  • David A Jordan says:

    Love it all about the yabby

  • Jerry crites says:

    Cool, thanks but I’m not able to claim those 17spins

  • April Aguilar says:

    Excellent service❤️‍🔥

  • Justin says:

    Constantly get emails saying i have free spins when i don’t. It’s a big let down to get an email saying one thing and then not have it available

    • Lola Smith says:

      Thank you for playing at Yabby Casino. Regarding free spins, please note that every day 17 free spins are available for all players. Be free to claim for it. All the best!

  • Justin says:

    I understand that but for example when i get my weekend free spins i claim them on Friday but I’ll get an email saying i have them on Friday, Sat and Sunday even though i already claimed them Friday i still get message saying i have them available when i don’t.

    • Lola Smith says:

      Sorry for misunderstandings. Please contact our support team for any further questions. All the best!

  • Daniel Pace says:

    It says I have 17 free games daily, using the code GREENSPINS. But when I go to the caxhier it will not give them to me.

    • Lola Smith says:

      Please contact our support team for all questions about promotions. Thank you for playing at Yabby casino.

  • Kathleenimeani says:

    I had a rough time depositing BUT
    All positivity from me when I got an impression to last and definitely one to make Yabby stick out to me out iof any and all the Competitors!

    I was really excited to try this method when I finally noticed it. Although, I tried it twice. The first time I totally spaced that I froze my card. So, I fixed that. Then I proceeded to deposit with this method one more time. The small deposit of $30 I made was pulled from my account. Yep sure was. ALTHOUGH! After the payment page fully loaded I seen it said my payment had failed. I went to the top right and clicked to view my transaction details and sure enough it showed a failed transaction. I went back to Yabby home page to review my balance and it had not received any money. I was honestly stressing, Paniciking. (I had just earlier in the day found transactions made with my card that I DEFINITELY didn’t make. Hence why it was frozen). I seriously almost lost my cool and called customer service to let them have it! I AM EXTREMELY EXTREMELY RELIEVED I DID NOT ACT IMPULSIVELY! … the best thing happened.. my money was refunded with in !!!!15!!!! Minutes!!! I’m not pulling your legs! I’m so serious! 15 minutes! I have as very relieved and very happy!

  • Cynthia says:

    I usually have no problems depositing with crypto. However, last week, a $10 deposit somehow became less than $10 when y’all got it. The chat person said if I deposited $10 more dollars, the amount I deposited that was less than $10 would be added it to it. I deposited, but the money wasn’t added to it. So I’m out that money. May not be a lot, but any is a lot to me lol.

    • Lola Smith says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We will take into consideration and try to improve the process to be easier for using. All the best!

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