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Casino games and drinks? Yes, you heard it well! This post is going to be a guide on what are the best casino drinks. For every game out there, there is a perfect beverage that goes with it. Therefore, the next time you visit Yabby Casino and start playing your favorite game remember this post and pour yourself a glass of some nice liquid. Let’s see what are best casino drinks!


Poker is an awesome game which means that an awesome drink is a must. Do you know the feeling when you make a great move and take a sip of your favorite cocktail? Well, if you don’t, you should find out. So, let’s first say cheers to penicillin, the best poker drink!

Drink: The Penicillin

As its names say, this cocktail is going to heal all your diseases! If you are feeling blue, penicillin is the perfect solution for you. This drink was created in 2005 by an Australian bartender and the urban myth is that it actually relieves symptoms of a cold. What are the ingredients? If you want to make penicillin at home you need blended scotch, lemon juice, honey-ginger syrup, and Islay single malt scotch. With a glass of this, you will feel completely ready to play your best poker!

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Slots are all about themes, colors, and good vibes. By clicking spin you are hoping to see wilds popping up on your screen. If you have that in mind, slots are a kind of a game full of surprises and that is why champagne is the drink that goes with it.

Drink: Champagne

Slots at our Yabby Casino are sparkling as a bottle of champagne. This French sparkling wine is known locally since medieval times. Today, it is widely familiar as an expensive drink that is usually served when you are celebrating something. Therefore, if you decide to open a bottle of champagne you should focus on winning. Don’t let it go in vain!

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With more traditional games, comes more traditional drinks. Whether you are playing European or American roulette, your drink should be on the table. And, because the roots of the game are going a while back in history, your drink should also be classical and old-fashioned. Yes, we said old fashioned!

Drink: Old Fashioned

This cocktail is a sophisticated mix of bourbon, bitters, soda, and sugar. It has the mystical vibe of the old bars and sometimes it can even come with an orange twist or zest and a cocktail cherry. Plus, it comes in a rocks glass, for the real feeling of the early 20’s century bar. Perfect drink if you want to play roulette, don’t you think?

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Game of craps is very much loved by you, our dear players. You play it regularly at our Yabby Casino and we see that you enjoy it. This dice game is easy to play, so you need an easy drink to go with it. Have you tried drinking something while playing craps? If you haven’t, here is what you should try!

Drink: The Negroni

The negroni is a traditional Italian cocktail made of one part gin, one-part red vermouth rosso, and one part Campari. It comes garnished with orange peel and it is not shaken, only mixed for the real taste of all ingredients. Negroni looks and tastes like a true craps drink.

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Blackjack is one of the best table games out there. It is a part of pop culture as it appears in numerous Bond movies, as well as in various songs, from various genres. What will be the best blackjack drink? What do you think? We think the answer is obvious and it goes with an olive on the side!

Drink: The Martini

Martini is a super famous drink and women, as well as men, adore it. It was a part of many TV shows, movies, and songs. The same as blackjack! Therefore, what is a better drink that can go with this table game than a widely familiar and sophisticated cocktail? Martini is our choice, and it should be yours!

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Try all of these games at our Yabby Casino as we have them ready just for you. Plus, try this mix of cocktail and game, and let us know how you love it. May the luck be with you!

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