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It is a question whether knowing how to read people is a gift. Personally, I consider it a to be a kind of a curse. People lie in general. They either hide less meaningful facts, or bend the truth just a little, or lie big time. Either way, there is not a person in this world who has not lied at least once. If you are a gambler, pretending is part of your character. And although, you are probably proficient at giving away a certain image, learning to read others is a completely different matter. These are the basics of how to read a gambler’s body language.

How We Communicate

The estimates show that only small percentage (slightly above 5%) of human communication is expressed in words. We talk with our bodies and face more than we use words. According to some researches, non-verbal communication takes up to 55% of communication in general. Moreover, although people have the advantage of expressing themselves with words, they do not use their voices so much. Specifically, less than 40% of communication relies on our voices and verbal expression.

The downside of the communication path which humanity has taken is the fact people can fake body language. Not easily, but faking is still possible. This could also be the reason why people lie significantly more when communicating at long distances. Such communication does not require controlling of the body language. Following are the things to look out for when communicating in person.

The Eyes

Logically, the eye contact is the first thing to take into consideration. Nothing compares to genuine, soft, direct look in the eyes. It breaks the boundaries and connects two people building foundation for trust.  Person who is telling the truth will not hesitate to look you straight in the eyes. Beware, though, of the straight look that lasts too long. This can be the sign of a manipulative behavior, the same as looking away.

On the other hand, every time a person glances away, or blinks too frequently for example, there is a fair chance that he or she is lying.

Researchers all agree that looking at the upper right corner, for instance, means that a person is reaching for imagination. The center for creative thinking is located in that region of the brain, if the person is right-handed. Looking in this direction gives away the person who is making up stories or attempting to get out of the situation and conspire.

Faking Eye Contact in Gambling

Experienced gamblers are especially manipulative when it comes to eye movements. Above all, let us remind you that eyes are the most difficult parts of the body to fake. Gambler’s body language is not focused on eyes only. However, eye movement takes a large part of a gambler’s body language.

Gamblers take pleasure in a game. Pleasure makes the pupils of the eyes to widen. However, wide pupils can also mean that a gambler is not only satisfied with his or her hand in poker, for example, but that a player is self-confident. Self-confidence comes with a feeling of power. A gambler can feel powerful if persuaded that he or she managed to outplay the opponents. The acknowledgement that a gambler managed to persuade others that he or she holds certain cards, even if this not the truth, provides for a strong and powerful feeling of dominance, which causes adrenaline rush and wide pupils.

Contrary, blinking strangely or frequently can be a sign of a so-called “eye-blocking”. Eye-blocking is actually an innate behavior. It happens when a person sees something that causes threat, disagreement or disbelief.

Do you think you would be able to outsmart others by using smart body language?

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