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Money makes the world go around. Or, so they say. Have you ever wondered where does money come from? Before we produce anything in this world, we need to develop a concept. The very inception of the idea comes from the human creative side. There is nothing in this world that we know of, material or spiritual, that is not the product of our creative mind. Cryptocurrencies included. Today, we are exploring creativity and how it shapes our lives.

Prejudices on Creativity

When exploring creativity, we usually refer to gifted people. People have the habit of speaking about gifted people as of persons who posses some kind of divine feature. Nevertheless, creativity is what lies in all of us. We are actually born with it. Its task is to empower us with ability to go through life the easier way and to empower others. It is up to each individual to grow the creativity, or not.

The Role of Creativity in Our Daily Lives

Starting from an early age, we learn how to function and how to react to our environment. Simultaneously, we subconsciously learn how to use creative thinking to overcome obstacles. This is an important part of building a character of the future responsible and resourceful individual. That individual can become a grown-up person that creates the circumstances and devices we depend on.

It is no wonder that Kenneth Robinson, a British author on creativity, has put it in the following way: “Creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status. Furthermore, creativity is basic to making our society viable because without it we would lose our competitive edge.”

It may sound too abstract to comprehend. However, when you think about it, what would this world be without someone’s imagination to put ideas into practice. Imagine Tesla not taking his creative side seriously, for example. Or, not having the audacity to advocate for his beliefs.

How Creativity Can Heal

You may be interested to know that the Goteborg University conducted a research on this subject with some astonishing results. Interestingly, the survey was titled “Painting from Within”. The results showed that the entire group of 43 patients with symptoms of severe depression showed improvement of 5 steps after 10-hour long session, as stated in the report. Basically, the patients were asked to paint a picture that would reflect their feelings on that particular day.

Simultaneously, the 36 members of the control group did not show any improvement.

Logically, the conclusion that we can derive from the study is that creative art therapy can help people express themselves. Painting and discussing their work, helps patients to self-reflect and stimulates their brains at the same time. The entire process is happening on a subconscious level and is therefore, easier to handle from the patient’s perspective.

Now, we cannot but ask ourselves how far creativity can take us, if we just succumb to it.

What do you think is the greatest result of someone’s creativity?

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