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Understanding paylines is the crucial part of playing pokies. You may call them “winning lines” or “betting lines” as well. Paylines are basically the series of winning combinations of symbols. Learning how to read paylines in pokies can get you a long way.

How Paylines Appear in Pokies?

So, you like to see symbols appearing in a certain way? Lining them up for a winning combo can sometimes go smoothly. Other times, it will take some patience. Either way, you should know what to aim for.

Lining the symbols in a pokie is the way to receive the prize. The RNG behind the pokie determines what symbols will appear on the reels. Once they do appear, the line draws across the symbols in case those symbols form a winning streak. Direction of paylines can be various. From vertical, horizontal to zig-zag line or diagonal, from left to right or vice versa, or all-ways-pay lines, we like to see them light up the screen.

Does the Number of Paylines Matter?

The number of paylines vary greatly from one pokie to another.  There are pokies with let’s say 20 paylines as well as with more than 1,000 paylines. It would be logical to assume that the more paylines there are, the bigger the chances of winning because of the greater number of winning combinations.

However, this does not necessarily need to be the fact. There are pokies with fewer paylines that are able to provide more frequent winning streaks in the base game.

There is another advantage of such pokies with smaller number of paylines. Namely, they can have richer bonus features. After all, in pokies everything is in balance. It is up to a player to decide what he or she prefers. The same as with the variety in pokies. It is always up to a player to decide on whether to go for smaller wins more frequently, or bigger wins that come every now and then.  

How to Choose Then?

As you never know when the winning combination will strike, the best you can do is to inspect the rules stated on the paytable before starting to play. In that respect, the number of paylines can tell you a bit about the possibilities of striking a winning combo.

On the other hand, do not underestimate the power of pokies with lower number of paylines. Maybe that could be a good place to start learning how to read paylines, as explained above.

Fixed, Variable or Adjustable?

To make things more interesting, the pokie developers started adding various types of paylines. Nowadays, you can experience the benefits of fixed, variable or adjustable paylines. But how to select the proper one?

Many players who do not wish to bet high amounts go for the variable or adjustable paylines.  The reason is the flexibility that these paylines provide. I am referring to the flexibility in placing the bets.

However, the true reward comes with choosing the fixed paylines pokie. It has its benefits. Naturally, it means that the player needs to have a well-planned bankroll to support the game. Why? Because these pokies demand that you place the bet on all paylines. You are basically, betting on all paylines simultaneously.

Although it may sound tricky, again, fixed paylines have their advantages. They usually come with larger payouts, Wilds, Scatters, free spins. Moreover, when playing on fixed paylines you are always covering all betting lines, meaning whatever happens there, you reap the rewards. This applies to striking a jackpot as well. All in all, they may be a good way to higher payouts! How to read paylines is the skill you develop in time through experience. Try out different pokies to see what suits you the best. Our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino has more than 200 games to choose from. Many of them are among the best pokies in the industry.

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