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Confidence is very important for all activities, but there is a huge gap between the regular confidence and overconfidence. You should know the difference between them to avoid falling into the trap and becoming overly confident person.

Confidence Vs. Overconfidence

Ordinary confidence is connected with the fact that a person understands its own abilities, both weak and strong sides. That kind of a person is more successful in business and life in general, in the long term. Self-confidence allows us to make the right decisions and take responsibility for results.

A confident person understands their own real abilities. This is a person capable of making the right decisions and to respect others.

On the other hand, such confidence makes a person narcissistic and makes it impossible to listen to others and learn. People who are overconfident are fixated on their personality, losing sight of the rest of the facts and others. Usually, they are very biased.

Belief in yourself is very important in life, business, as well as gambling. However, when a person exaggerates in this belief, he or she might overestimate own intuition, or ability to calculate or make plans. To avoid that, it’s good to know the reasons from which overconfidence arises.


This one appears in cases when a person has previously failed and cultivated self-confidence as an answer to the faced challenges.

Fixation of Success

A person who once achieved success, overestimates his or her own importance. Therefore, a person perceives success not as a combination of many factors, including luck, but as exclusively his or her own merit. 

Excessive Knowledge

Overconfidence is arising when person in practice has not yet performed a certain action but knows how to do something theoretically. In such a situation, you may have the feeling that you have knowledge in the area. Although, in reality, this is far from the truth.

We wanted to show you that overconfidence is not such a good thing in life and can be very limiting. However, reasonable belief in yourself is desirable even when you play games at crypto friendly Yabby Casino.

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